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  1. mlucitt

    Are You A Righty Or A Lefty?

    All these years and I never noticed the difference in the PL700B faceplates. Is yours a righty or a lefty? Hint - look at the meter sensitivity switch labels... (I hope there is not a thread on this, I would feel dumb) When did they make this change, and why? Calling Ed Blackwell. Hey Ed...
  2. mlucitt

    Dick Burwen's Amplifier Problem

    From the website: For 28 years 17 Phase Linear 400 stereo power amplifiers drove the 5 speaker arrays. Together with the 4-way electronic crossover networks, they could produce the same sound level as a single 20,000 watt amplifier. Dick modified these amplifiers for improved frequency...
  3. mlucitt

    PL400 Chassis Top and Bottom Covers

    Anybody have an extra set of Top and Bottom covers for a PL400? I have a customer that needs a set. He bought a PL400 on ebay and it arrived with no covers...
  4. mlucitt

    The Last PL400 Made?

    Here is a picture of a factory fully complementary PL400 from a customer in Australia. It appears to be made in 1983, the last year of the Phase Linear name before they became purely automotive components. This was during the time they were owned by Jensen, which began in 1982. I am assuming...
  5. mlucitt

    It Can Happen To You

    During a routine customer WOPL upgrade on a PL400, I noticed two of the Nylon shouldered washers would not fit into the backplane of the amplifier, after I had chamfered all the holes and flattened the back and heatsinks with my calibrated flat bastard file. This is a well-documented problem and...
  6. mlucitt

    Need 10 Amp Fuses?

    I found this link for WOPL Builders. I think this is a good price for Buss 10 Amp fuses, Made in the USA. I bought a box of 100 because $0.25 each is a pretty good price, I think.
  7. mlucitt

    Things Are Getting Busy In The Corner

    I am posting this picture of a Customer's PL400 Series II (with his permission). I am quite proud of myself for this work. He said no holes in the chassis, but would allow one for a chassis (Earth) ground. I expanded it slightly and installed a 12 Amp miniature Raytheon switch, from the Space...
  8. mlucitt


    Former military members will recognize this as "Professional Development" and I think it helps to share information and keep our skills sharp. All are welcome to play along but this is directed to WOPL Builders, you know who you are... Date: March, 13, 2021 Scenario: WOPL 700B upgraded with...
  9. mlucitt

    Anybody Want A Job?

    I have a customer who lives in Orlando, FL with a Revox A77 Mk II. He says it need "refurbishment" whatever than means in the world of vintage analog tape machines. He is a good guy who will pay good money to anyone qualified to service his tape deck. Let me know and I will send you his POC...
  10. mlucitt

    Does Anybody Else Do This?

    Does anyone else use a dab of Dow Corning 340 on the WOA Control Board heat sinks, or under the Bridge Rectifier? I can't help myself, when I see a heatsink; it gets Dow 340...
  11. mlucitt

    Very Nice PL400 Series II

    I just received a Customers PL400 II today for the WOPL Upgrade. Look how nice this unit looks. I wish they all came into the shop looking like this one.
  12. mlucitt

    WOPL Builders

    I found this item for WOPL builders:
  13. mlucitt

    A Pretty Picture

    You know that in 15 minutes, there is going to be some serious Mach 10 happening.
  14. mlucitt

    What Do You Guys Think Of This?

    I have been trying to find decent RCA Phono Jacks to fit in the 1/2" holes of our PL and WOA chassis. Most of the 'good' RCA jacks (Cardas, Kimber, Neutrik) are 3/8" hole size. There are "audiophile" 1/2" jacks that cost $98.00-$125.00 each and there are Chineeeese imitation jacks that cost...
  15. mlucitt

    Here Is A Guy Doing PL400 Mods

    I stumbled on the World Pro Audio website today. Has anyone else seen this? He has an extensive mod to the PL400 (one originally assembled by our friend "Linda" at Phase Linear) Control Board and adding the White Oak Audio Bulk Capacitor Kit. I don't know if he realizes there is a new Control...
  16. mlucitt

    WOPL Building Tools

    I am attaching a list of tools I have found useful or necessary for building WOPL Amplifiers. For the builders out there (you know who you are) are there any corrections, deletions or additions you would make?
  17. mlucitt

    Fuse Holders

    To All, I was disassembling a PL700 recently ("tear down" and "gutting" are such strong words). I noticed a broken fuse holder and examined the item very carefully for the first time. These are the well-known Buss devices. Cooper Industries was an American worldwide electrical products...
  18. mlucitt

    Is This One Of Us?

    I was going to respond to this eBay posting, but I thought I would post here first: Phase Linear Repair And/Or Upgrade Discussion Document Hello?
  19. mlucitt

    PL700 Series II Lessons Learned

    My first foray into a complete rebuild of a PL700 Series II was quite a learning experience, I have been a PL700B guy until now. This rebuild included a new chassis, 120V/240V selector switch, WOA Backplane Kits, WOA Control Board Kit, WOA Cylon LED Board Kits, WOA bulk capacitors, new power...
  20. mlucitt

    Carver C-500 vs Phase Linear 400 Series II

    Has anyone looked at a Carver C-500 to see if it could benefit from a WOA backplane kit and new WOA Control Board. From the outside, the amps look very similar. I have not seen the inside of a Carver C-500. Anyone have any nudies? This one...