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  1. Skratch

    Bluesound node2i streamer

    Purchased a Blue sound node2i streamer and paired it with Amazon Music UHD. I am an old analog guy but when I heard the quality of UHD music I was very impressed. The music library is in the millions, also able to play other streaming services.l also listen to Radio Paradise
  2. Skratch

    Model 180 Dimensional sonic localizer

    What is a Phase Linear Model 180 Dimensional Sonic Localizer??????? I've been around a long time and this is the first I have heard of these. Its on E-bay
  3. Skratch

    Teac back from sam

    Just got my teac A6300 back from sam, He did his magic on this and it sounds better than brand new. I think he knows something about these that Teac didn't know. Freq response was 22 to 24kz at 7.5 ips. I think a person could do Mach 10 and not worry about resonating into their CD player or...
  4. Skratch

    Eliptrac 400

    Building a set of Fastlane Audio Eliptrac 400 wood midrange horns. These were developed by Dave Harris and Al Klappenberger. Going to run BMS 4592 MID drivers on them. They are a 310 Fs horn. I bought the kit form. I am going to do a side by side comparisson with my Altec 311's with 288-8G...
  5. Skratch

    Welcome Nagant

    Nagant, Welcome to Phoenix and a great bunch of relaxed fella's
  6. Skratch

    BMS 4592 Drivers Has anyone had any thoughts on these?
  7. Skratch

    SAE Parametric Equalizer

    Bought a SAE parametric equalizer, now I have to figure out how to use it ? Also buying an Omnimic V2 that I will try to figure out also ????
  8. Skratch

    Omnimic V2

    Has anyone used this software and mike from Parts Express
  9. Skratch

    Altec horn drivers

    Was playing around with my Altec 288-8G drivers, Swapped out the aluminum diaphrams for the symbiotic ones. The aluminum go a lot higher but I cross over them at 5000 hz so who cares. What I found is the symbiotic's are alot better in the 500 to 5000 hz range. They were used in PA systems where...
  10. Skratch

    Sheffield Labs

    Has anyone listened to any of the Sheffield Lab CD's. I have 6 of them mostly Jazz that are of superb sound quality
  11. Skratch

    CD players

    I'm going to get a new CD player. I am an old analog guy that doesn't know shit about digital. A friend has a Emotiva ERC-2 which sounds very good. I have an old Sony EC275 5 disc changer now. Any thoughts ????
  12. Skratch

    Soniphase SL6

    Building a pair of Soniphase SL6 folded horns. Designed by Dana Moore and this is his latest design. Suppose to be able to destroy your house with these. Have EVX-155 1000 watt drivers in them. Grand daughter wants them for a playhouse. All the 3/4 inch 13 ply Baltic Birch was cut on a Laser...
  13. Skratch

    Forming caps for White Oak board

    Would there be any benefit to forming the caps before installing them on the board?
  14. Skratch

    Joe's New Rev C board

    Joe's new rev C board works great, easily biased and NO MORE TURN ON OR TURN OFF THUMP
  15. Skratch

    Joe's MPSA18 board kit

    Joe's new kit has MPSA18 for Q1 & Q2. The flat side of the transistors faces up. Where as the TIS97 transistors faces down