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  1. nakdoc

    Phase Linear 400. Five available

    I see a new restoration thread here on these amps. I just received two more for consignment, so I have a variety that goes from 100% stock never blown to parts units. The lastest one has a home made wood cabinet and is a fuse blower. Check with me before going fishing on ebay.
  2. nakdoc

    Carver 10 gauge Mondo Series wire

    Well the cat dragged in a 16 foot pair of "Speaker Cable By CARVER Professional". It is nice and flexible, with nothing fancy in the termination department. If any of you guys gotta have Carver wire, PM me. I have no clue what it is worth, if anything.
  3. nakdoc

    Sansui 5000/5000A to 5000X driver boards

    Many thanks to our own WOPL Sniffer for his excellent Sansui driver boards. If you are considering the installation of these, the conversion process is not for an amateur. You must cross reference both the original schematic and the 5000X schematics, as well as the supplied service bulletins to...
  4. nakdoc

    Eq and Compression

    what's left to say? BTW, I'm suddenly hungry
  5. nakdoc

    Nakdoc needs an avatar

    Those that have known me have probably wondered why I am, err, lacking in the picture department. I am creatively stifled. How about a few suggestions? You all are creative. I keep thinking close ups of obscure Nakamichi pieces parts is too lame. Suggestions welcome! (Nakdoc, BTW, was a gift...
  6. nakdoc

    Nakdoc sez "howdy all"

    Man, Phoenix looks like the shiny black "Mako Shark" Stingray slot car I had in high school. can we change colors? [[color=#BFFF80]anyway I'm here to pontificate on the ultimate superiority of all things tape./color]