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  1. wattsabundant

    Bosch's system

    I enjoy identifying vintage audio gear in movies and TV shows. I've watched all of the Bosch seasons on Amazon. Every once in a while there is a shot of his home music system. The system appears to be a McIntosh 240 amp and a McIntosh preamp, Marantz turntable, and Ohm Walsh speakers. Season...
  2. wattsabundant

    Early 400

    Anybody seen this? I don't think I've seen this bus wire for the ground nor the soldered connections on the caps.
  3. wattsabundant

    Soldering Irons

    I have a few different , application specific, soldering irons on the bench. I'm thinking it's time to upgrade and consolidate. I'm looking at this one Pace Iron. This one features easy to change tips. No it's not chepa, but I want an niron that heats up fast and delivers the heat when...
  4. wattsabundant

    AGX 8 amp fuses

    I'm running low on AGX8 fuses. Octopart showed Digikey had the best 100 pc price of about $0.50 each. Before pulling the trigger I tried EBAY and found a vendor that had 100 pcs for $18. Of course there is no telling if these are fakes as as the photo does not show a vendor name. Anyhow they...
  5. wattsabundant

    Free scopes & others

    A friend recently closed his business and gave me a couple Tektronix 912 scopes. These are basic 2 channel scopes. They make a trace but they have issues, most likely capacitors. I have a Hitachi 222 scope that I loved for 30 years. I broke it out the yesterday intending to give it to a...
  6. wattsabundant

    400 Relay board conflicts

    Referring to 400's, it has come to my attention that there is a conflict with the mounting of the relay board in conjunction with the White Oak back planes. The conflict involves the location of the decoupling caps on the back planes which must be bent to allow the relay board to be mounted...
  7. wattsabundant

    700B Power Switch

    After about 6 years of fooling around I finalized a circuit board with a triac to save the Arrow Hart power switch on the 700B's. I listed it on EBAY tonight. Then I searched for it to verify the listing. The first search result surprised me. Here's the link. 700B Power Switch The $90...
  8. wattsabundant

    Tube God

    Does anybody remeber Tuge God from the early 80's? He had a manual for upgrading clasic tube gear such as Dynaco, Eico etc. I had the manual, can't find it now. I
  9. wattsabundant

    Wire type

    What is name of the hookup wire that appears to be stranded but the strands do not separate when the insulatioon is stripped off. It is commonly used on smal transformer leads.
  10. wattsabundant

    2000 volume control, on/off switch

    Many years ago a friend gave me a 2000II preamp. It's been on the shelf since then. Recently I checked it out to make sure it functioned and permanently loaned it to my brother. It turns out that the volume control doesn't go completely off. It's not some faint music. It's readily audible...
  11. wattsabundant

    Available XPL909's and RCA410's

    An individual contacted me who was cleaning out his garage. Decades ago he worked in pro sound and used a ton of 400's. He has/had about 75 XPL909's and 20 or more RCA410's/66546 and a smattering of some other transistors, all small quantities. After a few emails I realized he had been a...
  12. wattsabundant

    Tightening outputs & silpads

    A local repair shop changed owners some time ago. In the process I received their Phase Linear file. They must have been an authorized repair center form the beginning base on the documents I've seen. I stumbled across a service bulletin recently that dealt with silpads. Thought I would...
  13. wattsabundant

    Wall of Flame

    So there is a Hall of Fame A wall of shame (Peru) And my room of Flame (AKA The 70's room) My brother needed an upgrade from his 35 watt Lafayette receiver. I permanently loaned him the 2000, and a 400 I just reworked. I used this as an excuse to pull out all of the P/L gear that somehow...
  14. wattsabundant

    400 DC caps

    Over the weekend I dusted off a stock 400 that had been sitting on a shelf with the intent of repairing it. I suspected issues with the front end in the right channel. I pulled Q1-Q4 and checked them on a curve tracer. They looked ok. I changed them out anyhow. Normally I don't go for the...
  15. wattsabundant

    Wattsabundant web site changing

    My first dial up account was with Earthlink. I still have the account because it came with free web space. That's where my primitive web site has been and still is. Wattsabundant. Apparently Earthlink still exists primarily for those people who only have access to dial up. Anyhow, last year...
  16. wattsabundant

    I know how hot my amp is, do you?

    Several years ago I bought a computer fan controller with thermocouples to mount on heatsinks and a variable output to drive 12 VDC fan motors. As heatsink temperature rises, the fan picks up speed. The controller fits in a 5.25" floppy drive bay. I bought a stand alone case and mounted the...
  17. wattsabundant

    Watts Abundant web site off line

    It came to my attention that my primitive web site had gone offline. The host, Earthlink, acknowledged "they had some trouble". They got it fixed, but search results for watts abundant no longer finds the page. Until that gets fixed if anyone needs info on my relay boards here is the link...
  18. wattsabundant

    Electrolytic coupling caps >1uf

    I'm thinking it's time to start on my 3300II preamp. I haven't kept up with the audio grade electrolytics. What seems to work at a reasonable cost? Looks like I'll need 2.2uf, 4.7uf, and 22 uf. What are the good film types ? I've got a few hundred polystyrenes. Are they still thee choice...
  19. wattsabundant

    Potential WOPL project

    I recently took a look at a couple Peavey CS 800's for a friend. I'm guessing he bought them for less than a $100 in need of repair. The electrolyic caps had a date code of 1978 indicating they're 40 years old. They've had a hard life and were pretty beat up. They're very heavy with a large...
  20. wattsabundant

    Phase Linear X20 Crossover

    I have a living room with almost all P/L electronics. "The worlds first WOPL 400II" that Lee did a few years ago is in there along with a 3300 preamp and 5100 tuner. Until last weekend I was running ESS 1A's. I got a little carried away this weekend and took out the Heil diaphragms. 've got...