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  1. Geegz

    Eddie Van Halen - RIP

    As if 2020 could get any worse we lost another legend today, whether your a Dave fan or a VanHagar fan the one constant was Eddie. Eddie can now play Eruption for eternity. RIP
  2. Geegz


    Been thinking I need to learn how to use a scope as I know nothing about them, how to use one or what I actually need. Found this locally does anyone have any input?
  3. Geegz

    Rack handles

    Wanted to put some rack handles on a series one 400 I have and really like the 700B style so I started searching the www for any options. Found some inexpensive rack handles (drawer pulls) that looked to be the ticket so I ordered them up. They arrived while not quite as “girthy” as the pictures...
  4. Geegz

    700B submerged in 6” of water....hmmmmm...

    On the ‘bay, submerged in 6” of water on the transformer side......
  5. Geegz

    Happy birthday Northwinds!

    Happy birthday to Northwinds! Hope you enjoy your day!
  6. Geegz

    Vintage Klipschorn “Sound Reproducer” circa 1955 on fleabay

    Pretty cool 1955 Klipschorn on fleabay: Not in the same league as Lee’s of course...
  7. Geegz

    Acurus pre on the bay

    Acurus R11 preamp on the fleebay if anyone is looking. Decent price, chassis a little scratched but faceplate looks ok. No affiliation.
  8. Geegz

    Power conditioners/surge protectors

    I've been wanting to start a thread on this for a while to see what everyone recommends, is using and what is not necessary and maybe some pics of your setup (everyone loves pics). After living in South Florida (for way too many years) the lightning capital of the US, I have gotten a custom to...
  9. Geegz

    Power switch tail II

    Has anyone seen these before? Might be a good option for the PL400, 5v DC switch built into unit, 15 amp maximum 120v. Thoughts anyone?
  10. Geegz

    400 meters vs 700b meters

    What is the difference between the 400 vu meters vs the 700b vu meters?
  11. Geegz

    Black series II 700 faceplates

    Found this listing on the bay today for series II 700 black faceplates.....anyone know if it's a member around here?
  12. Geegz

    La Scala's......identify how old?

    Looking at a pair of LaScala's with roached out cabinets. Wondering if anybody can identify how old they could be and what to expect the condition of the drivers could be? I would have to build cabinets anyway so does it make more sense just to build Crites copies with new drivers and...
  13. Geegz

    Acurus items on the Bay

    If anyone is looking there are a couple Acurus items on the Bay (no connection here) right now, a phono preamp and a surround preamp:
  14. Geegz

    Inexpensive strain relief pliers

    Chinese version of the Heyco strain relief pliers, I know there not made in America but I figure as many times I will use them I would give them a shot, $4.98 delivered......I will report how awful they are once I receive them...
  15. Geegz

    Budget DAC Apple AE

    I stumbled across this review of the updated Apple AE. I have used the original version now for 5-6 years now. I have always thought it did a good job but does anyone have opinion on the charts, graphs in this review? I know we have quite a few techs here that can interpret these much better...
  16. Geegz

    I need to buy a variac

    Ok so I have a couple PL400's here, also have boards from Joe and I need to purchase a variac. is 10 amp enough for a PL400 and PL700? this was has a couple hours left to go and is about as cheap...
  17. Geegz

    La Scalla industrials

    Found these on my local CL, I am in process of turning my "mid-fi" system into a "hi-fi" system and just asking for an opinions here. Not the best looking but how would they compare to the home version? He thinks they are from the late...
  18. Geegz

    Long time lurker, first time post'r

    Been lurking around the site for a while now gathering intelligence. Looking forward to spending some time here, extremely knowledgeable crew on the forum! Currently have 2 PL400's i purchased and used for a few years in the early 90's but have been in storage now for some time and looking...