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  1. Lazarus Short

    Socks has left us...

    I'm sorry to hear that, my friend, and I've love a few cats in my time...miss them too.
  2. Lazarus Short

    Estate Sale Bust

    Well, the photos in the ad looked sort of promising, so we went. In the living room was a B & O 3000, so I took a look at that. I could not see a stylus so I looked closer - no cartridge, but I could see the connector pins. $175, and I knew the cost would go up from there, if it even worked...
  3. Lazarus Short

    Gasoline prices dropping

    A local gas station + convenience store put in new pumps some weeks ago. The other day, I was gassing up with one of the new pumps, and noticed this: on the cost readout, there are FOUR digits to the left of the decimal place! Talk about future-proofing...
  4. Lazarus Short

    Innovative Audio upcoming garage sale

    Indeed - Barb and I hit two estate sales and the Lansing, Kansas city-wide garage sales yesterday, and there was NO audio to speak of besides a few NOS cassette tapes. Still, we got some good scores in books and movies.
  5. Lazarus Short

    Amplifier surgery on eBay

    Be very careful - eBay is a den of scammers and assorted cheats.
  6. Lazarus Short

    Vintage Klipschorn “Sound Reproducer” circa 1955 on fleabay

    Those wooden horns are lovely. So are those two-way systems?
  7. Lazarus Short

    A Tiny History of High Fidelity Parts 1 & 2

    That's a good, no, great, history. I even printed it for future reference. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Lazarus Short

    Offering records...any interest?

    Thanks for the information, Orange, and you never cease to amaze me with your knowledge. BTW, I think I forgot to mention that none of these discs have sleeves. BTW, shoot me an offer. BTW, the Toto thing not only has a chip, but is warped so much that when I tried to cue it up, part of the...
  9. Lazarus Short

    Offering records...any interest?

    I bought them all at a garage sale among some other things, but only the small bookshelf speakers worked out. So...what I have is as follows: Marc Bolan in America - 1972 VBAC 3001 10-inch black vinyl with photo front and back limited edition interview picture disc disc is very slightly dished...
  10. Lazarus Short

    what are you listening to?

    Listening to Bill Frisell's "Disfarmer" on the shop system, while repairing a clock.
  11. Lazarus Short

    GroovyKool 45 adapter!

    The cheap plastic ones work just fine...but I guess that one is audiophile. Stock or dipped in snake oil...?
  12. Lazarus Short

    what are you listening to?

    Listening to the 3 Mustaphas 3 album "Shopping" on the living room system while I preparing for the new preamp in the main system. That particular album always puts me in a good mood...good music. Not the best quality, but what the Hell:
  13. Lazarus Short

    Happy Pi Day ...

    I'd rather listen to Varttina...
  14. Lazarus Short

    Happy Pi Day ...

    Higher math. My brain hurts.
  15. Lazarus Short

    Hurdy Gurdy

    I remember going up to Minneapolis for the first time, to attend a Nordic Roots Festival. I saw the band "Boot" while there, and even with lovely ladies dancing on the stage, I had a hard time even taking my eyes off the Hurdy-Gurdy player...I was fascinated.
  16. Lazarus Short

    Happy Pi Day ...

    You must mean "accuracy." Pi cannot be pinned down, being an irrational number.
  17. Lazarus Short

    Happy Pi Day ...

    It is almost 3:14 PM on March 14.