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  1. rtp_burnsville

    Newbie introduction!

    Welcome to the forum.... Robert
  2. rtp_burnsville

    Soldering Irons

    Recently bought a Hakko FX888d..... It's really nice. I also have a PACE setup with irons, desoldering, etc.... For just soldering I prefer the Hakko. Robert
  3. rtp_burnsville

    Craig , .RIP bud...

    So sorry to hear about Craig..... RIP buddy! Robert
  4. rtp_burnsville

    Zero Turn Mowers

    I looked at them several years back but bought a Kubota BX as I could also get a loader which has been really useful. If you have soft ground the zero-turn can easily tear up your yard unless one is really careful. Robert
  5. rtp_burnsville

    Marantz: CP430 and PMD430. What's the difference?

    I also have a PMD-430...... It has been a great deck as was mentioned above. Robert
  6. rtp_burnsville

    The Phoenix Christmas CDs are in the ride.

    Many thanks Steven for all of your work on this each holiday season..... Just downloaded so will give it a listen soon! Robert
  7. rtp_burnsville

    Can't Burn A CD that will play

    Lee, If you have problems stop by as I have lots of programs to change formats and such. Generally you burn WAV format files using disk at once option to a CD to play in 'standard CD' players. The disk at once option burns the entire music content at one time without turn the laser off...
  8. rtp_burnsville

    Hi, my name is Bill Berndt

    Welcome to the forum..... With the holiday it may take a couple of days before the regular guys pop up. Robert
  9. rtp_burnsville

    Phono tube or not to tube?

    I have these on the would like to build list: Robert
  10. rtp_burnsville

    Resistor Noise

    Thanks! Robert
  11. rtp_burnsville

    Is My Weller WES50 Iron Dying

    If your model has a connector for the probe assembly you might check there first. Over the years I ran into several that just had bad connections after a few years of use. Robert
  12. rtp_burnsville

    The Tascam 42NB LIVES!!!!!

    Ha, Nando is the one that got me started on the Pioneer RTR decks. I was always a Teac/Tascam guy but at the moment there are three Pioneers in the collection. I had a couple others but due to a recent move I have thinned the family a little. Robert
  13. rtp_burnsville

    The Tascam 42NB LIVES!!!!!

    Ha, never say never as these things tend to multiply when you are not looking... Your deck looks like a very nice one. Robert
  14. rtp_burnsville

    New Kid on the block

    Welcome to the forum! Robert
  15. rtp_burnsville

    Panavise advice

    The two I have used the most are the standard vise and the mini PCB holder. It you are looking for something to hold larger odd shaped items check out what is called a parrot vise. Grizzly has one for around $75 that is handy as well. Robert
  16. rtp_burnsville

    Just Wanted to say Hi...

    Welcome back. Robert
  17. rtp_burnsville

    New Member from northern Minnesota

    Welcome to Phoenix.... Robert
  18. rtp_burnsville

    My New Preamp!!

    I 'll dig around later this afternoon and see if I can find something. I am pretty sure we can find something to work for you. Almost all the boxes are unpacked so it's getting easier to find things once again. :) Robert
  19. rtp_burnsville

    My New Preamp!!

    How many do you need? Not sure how many of those I have assembled.... I might have enough parts if you only need a couple. Robert