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  1. NavLinear

    Camp Fire - Paradise

    I've been tight lipped on this one but I thought I'd share this with you. My mom lived in Magalia - an extension of the north end of Paradise. On November 8th she got up earlier than normal as she had an appointment that morning. She turned on the TV to a news station and found out about the...
  2. NavLinear

    A Bad Week

    A Bad Week - The Thomas Fire This is the fastest moving and most devastating fire that I've witnessed and I have seen a few in my lifetime. Wind predictions for today are 80 mph with single digit humidity. Our horses were in the direct path of the fire but all survived. The hills surrounding...
  3. NavLinear

    Shpongle Codex VI

    I just stumbled upon a new Shpongle release. It's in digital and vinyl format. Here's a link to their pre-release song "Empty Branes". These are preorders - shipping date is the 23rd of October. Below are links to the Shpongle website and Amazon...
  4. NavLinear

    AR-3a Speaker Pair Listed on AK

    Some nice looking AR-3a speakers for $1.1k listed on AK:
  5. NavLinear

    FS - Cornell Dubilier 16000 uF 100V Capacitors

    I have several "extra" Cornell Dubilier 16,000 uF 100V capacitors for sale. The part number is: DCMC163U100EC2B These are drop in replacements for the PL400 Size / Dimension 1.750" Dia (44.45mm) Height - Seated (Max) 4.187" (106.35mm Recently...
  6. NavLinear

    FS Fluke 179/EDA2 Combo Kit

    I have a brand new, untouched by human hands, Fluke 179 EDA2 handheld multimeter - $230 shipped. PM if interested.
  7. NavLinear

    Ghost Ships

    Here's an interesting five minute or so video of a ghost fleet that is under consideration for sanctuary status by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
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    A Hot Welcome to analogman64

    Welcome to Phoenix analogman64. I've enjoyed the thread you started about tape types - good stuff. I did promise you a Nav welcome babe so here's June Tailor. She said she'll do a nude drawing of you, butt you may have to reciprocate - just wanted to let you know. She is talented. :shaking:
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    PL 700 Series II Clair Brothers Amps

    Work has been all consuming but I wanted to post about the two Clair Brother amps I received yesterday and the day before - apparently one was put on a faster truck as it arrived a day early even though both amps were shipped at the same time. Perry (aka theWOPLwiffer) was looking for...
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    Welcome Kubla

    I'm glad to see you made it here Eric. Have fun - we sure do. Here's a Nav welcome babe:
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    Des Lab's Nav Babe

    I did not provide the proper welcome to Des Lab (aka Matt) with a Nav welcome babe - so here she is.
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    Lance Lawson

    Hey Lance, We're not always the best at starting the intros for new members butt I thought I'd welcome you to Phoenix. Here is your Nav welcome babe:
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    Welcome DJ to Phoenix. Since you have a sak you warrant a Nav welcome babe. :toothy5:
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    I like your moniker Lastplace - thought I'd start a welcome thread here. This means you get a Nav welcome babe all to yourself. Hope you have fun here. BTW - I'm the normal one here. :shaking:
  15. NavLinear

    Thermally Conductive Insulator Pads for TO-3 Transistors

    I've been meaning to purchase some Bergquist Sil-Pads for the PL amplifier output drivers and came across this: Not bad - $7.25 for 50 so I purchased two...
  16. NavLinear

    ON Semiconductor Discontinuing TO-92 Transistor Line

    I just read about this on AK and wanted to post it here. This excerpt was taken from the enclosed PDF. "ON Semiconductor has been informed by KEC Corporation, our Subcontractor vendor for the listed products in this notification, that they no longer offer Subcontractor services to ON...
  17. NavLinear

    Welcome grapplesaw

    Welcome to our small part of the world - this is a Nav test to see if you'll post something. You should let the guys know what cool hardware you have. BTW - here's a welcome girl for you. Actually I couldn't decide so you get two.
  18. NavLinear

    Jet Crashes at Point Mugu NAS

    The military always pushes the limits but I hate to see this.
  19. NavLinear

    PTFE Insulated Stranded Silver-Plated Wire

    I've been wanting to offer this for a while so I've spent a bit of time gathering the various wire gauges and kitting it up for this purpose. I have a collection of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) wire that I'm offering for sale at what my replacement cost will run for 1000 foot lengths. My...
  20. NavLinear

    Substandard Components Claims

    Ed, I was reading on another audio site thread where one of the members claims that Phase Linear did not use the "best parts available" and I'm pretty sure he was inferring substandard components were used and that the output drivers were transistors rejected by the auto industry. I've never...