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  1. Nick Danger

    For Sale: WOPLed PL 400 series 2, needs work.

    I believe it to have rev. D boards. Some issues with one channel but I imagine one of the PL gurus here can help you get it up and running. Execellent cosmetic condition with original box(not perfect). Have a boatload of money into but willing to let it go for dirt. Will try to post some pics in...
  2. Nick Danger

    Cassettes for sale.

    I am in the process of making more space for my vinyl collection and have a ton of NOS cassettes that need to go to a new home. Wanted to give the Phoenix Crue first crack at them before posting elsewhere. Please PM me with a reasonable offer. Sorry, no mix and match with these. I would be...
  3. Nick Danger

    Michael Perilstein~ The Deadly Spawn

    Looking for a clean copy of this one: Thanks.
  4. Nick Danger

    Looking for a couple of RSD 2015 Releases

    Frank OST w/ mask Miles Davis Prestige boxed set Vol.2 Thanks.
  5. Nick Danger

    Yamaha RX V1 will not stay turned on.

    Today, my Yamaha RX V1 receiver decided it no longer wanted to stay turned on. Press the power, powers up and them shuts off immediately. I rechecked to make sure that all screw on the back of the unit are snug as this was a known issue that would shut this model down in the past. Any...
  6. Nick Danger

    Webcor/ Webster- Chicago 210 Reel to Reel deck for Sale

    A friend of mine who is always buying and selling vintage americana came across this little muffin the other day and asked me if I would take a peek: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>(Sorry...
  7. Nick Danger

    Record Store Day 2015 Wishlist

    So RSD 2015 is coming up in 40ish days and I was hoping that those of you participating this year would keep your eyes peeled for a few offering that I am interested in and will be glad to do the same for you. I am going to put in my order on Monday, but I only get a couple of the albums...
  8. Nick Danger

    Shrinkwrap on LP's- Keep it on or remove it?

    I have been going back and forth about whether I should keep the shrinkwrap on virgin albums or if I should ditch it? Presently, I have been just slitting the stuff and leaving it on as an additional layer of protection, but it stinks that I can't open my gatefolds and I feel it takes away from...
  9. Nick Danger

    Carver AL III

    Anybody here ever own/ audition a pair of these? I have a chance to take a peek at a pair of these for sale, but it is a bit of a drive and was wondering if I should make the trip. I know a woofer is damaged, but it is a motivated seller. Ribbons available/ repairable? Any major points of concern?
  10. Nick Danger

    WOPL 500 Series II For Sale

    Comes with original Phase Linear box. Needs work as it shuts down after a couple of minutes, not a tech, don't know what's wrong but am sure somebody here repair it or walk you through the fix. I can ship directly to you or the tech of your choice. Here is a link to the build and some pics.
  11. Nick Danger

    NOS Cassette Tapes for sale

    Got some surplus tape looking for a new home: TDK D60: $4/ 10 tapes TDK D90: $5/ 10 tapes SONY XR60: $20/ 10 tapes Prefer to ship via USPS Priority. Cheers.
  12. Nick Danger

    Heil ESS AMT 1 binding post mod

    I wanted the ability to use my current speaker cables with these vintage ESS speakers but alas, old- school binding posts that only accept bare wires or pins were not going to work with my banana plugs. Speaker on the left has been modified, the speaker on the right still with factory...
  13. Nick Danger

    And the Golden Nugget Award goes to........

    .....apparently me: Looks like my client's kids got into the gold spray paint.:toothy5: I love my job!!!!!!!!!
  14. Nick Danger

    ESS AMT 1C

    I get a text this morning from Boatdrinks77 saying that a pair of ESS AMT 1C speakers were headed my way. Needless to say, I am stoked to finally have a pair of these to audition at my home: Of course, the passive radiators are shot and had been replaced with what feels like drum skins-...
  15. Nick Danger

    Series and Parallel Wiring 101

    Great webpage on wiring multiple speakers/ drivers correctly into your system: Series and Parallel Wiring Explained
  16. Nick Danger

    Speakerman1(Larry)- Tell me this not true.

    Speakerman1(Larry)- Tell me this is not true. I hope this is not right:
  17. Nick Danger

    RSD Black Friday 2014

    Sounds like a few of us participated in this year's event, whaddijaget?
  18. Nick Danger

    DIY PL Chassis Kinda- Clone

    Is it me, or does this look like something that one of you WOPL- loving experimentors/ amp builders could get pretty nuts with: Chassis link Be pretty cool to mount a DAC, DSP, headphone amp, source selector or all of 'em inside to match your WOPLed babies.
  19. Nick Danger

    What crossovers are you using for you speakers?

    What crossovers are you using for your speakers? Delving into the DIY speaker thing and was curious to know what type of crossovers you are using? After talking with Ksrigg a bit, he gave me some excellent info and I am looking at this MiniDSP unit as a serious contender. Anybody have...