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  1. WOPL Sniffer

    Scientists have discovered X-rays coming from Uranus

    Put on your Lead-Lined undies folks
  2. WOPL Sniffer

    Big collection being sold

    With "Hump You in the Keester" Prices $5000 for Clair amps
  3. WOPL Sniffer

    This is WHY!!!

    Real men DON"T DO BABY SHOWERS!!! A man was killed at a baby shower in Michigan after a celebratory cannon exploded
  4. WOPL Sniffer

    Damn, Leon Spinks has died....
  5. WOPL Sniffer

    Rotel RQ-970BX Phono amp

    In my quest for a full size Phono Amp, I ran into an article on the Rotel RQ-970BX (yes, made in Cina now), and was intrigued so decided to give it a try. I found a good deal on a nice unit and downloaded the upgrade article done in 1994. I ordered the parts and did the upgrade and I just...
  6. WOPL Sniffer

    Krell KSA-250

    Started putzing with the Krell. Some of the Emitter resistors were overheated, and some of the factory soldering is in need of some help. The planes on the boards are fairly large and require some heat from the soldering iron. I think some spots may need 2 irons to get good flow. I just...
  7. WOPL Sniffer

    Bob Crites has Passed

    I was wondering why I had not heard back from Bob. He usually got right back to me when I had stupid questions. We are greatly saddened to announce the death of Bob Crites. Bob was an amazing husband, father and grandfather and he will be sorely missed. He loved music and sound reproduction...
  8. WOPL Sniffer

    Klipsch Heresy 1's

    Starting a thread for my Heresy build I'll be starting shortly. I'm gathering parts right now and have a direction to go. I found a thread for some upgrades over on the Klipsch Forum so I'm going to give them a try. I can't afford a pair of Belle's right now so I will do these. The Heresy...
  9. WOPL Sniffer

    Covid Relief Check and use

    Did you get a check, or are you getting a check this year??? Did you do anything responsible/irresponsible with it? Maybe bought a case of beer and a "Tied Stick" or maybe you paid for grandma's groceries and Preparation H with it? Or maybe you didn't get one. Feel like posting it?
  10. WOPL Sniffer

    Fred's Toob amp(s) build.

    It's been a while since I have done a pair of these but It's all coming back. Fred went out and got a pair of Tube amps and since his boss won't let him take any time off, he asked if I would be interested in building them. Of course I couldn't turn Fred down so he shipped them heavy bastards...
  11. WOPL Sniffer

    Brown Dog Adaptors and OPA2134's HEY BUILDERS!!!

    I was going through my stash and found 7-Dual OPA2134UA adaptors/chips which I will not be using. They are New and untouched. 7 Adaptors (Cimarron # 060601) for replacing the RC4136 OpAmps in the PL/Carver gear They run about $20 with the OPA2134UA chips (27 of the IC's). The adaptors are...
  12. WOPL Sniffer

    Acurus RL-11 New addition to my rig

    Just showed up on the turnip truck. Sporting all the original boxes/packing. She's in as new condition too. No upgrades planned nor recap at this time. This will replace my Carver 4000t Preamp and will be my last preamp.
  13. WOPL Sniffer

    Guitar Center is filing for bankruptcy

    Another one bites the dust boys. When we finally come out of lock-down, there won't be anything left to go see. I heard that the Grand Canyon was retiring too!!!!!
  14. WOPL Sniffer

    MJ21196G buy anybody?

    I just bought 100 MJ21196G transistors for $4.25 each. Anybody want to go halves on them? It would be $220 with shipping for me and you. Thats a great price. I'll send you your 50 pieces when I get them in a couple days.
  15. WOPL Sniffer

    Any 700B meters available?

    Looking for meters/movements for the 700B. Jewell or ??? PM me if you have any. Trades/cash etc..... Always welcome
  16. WOPL Sniffer

    Original 700B/II parts

    I have another load of parts from stripped amps. If anybody is interested. $80 including the $20 shipping There are 5 control boards, 2 back planes, some light boards. I think I have more to add to it. I still have an amp to strip so you can have those too. I'll pack this in a box and...
  17. WOPL Sniffer

    3 WOPL's in the pipeline (+1)

    Damn, didn't realize how much STUFF it takes to do a build like this. It's been a while since I had 3 amps to build (And another next week). Three 700B's and a 700 Series II and I do believe I'm going to be due for a vacation when this is all over. This isn't ALL the parts either. I already...
  18. WOPL Sniffer

    Sewer sludge

    Sewer sludge' detects coronavirus outbreaks days faster than contact tracing, study finds The recent Yale study finds wastewater testing gives up to an eight day head start in curbing potential Covid-19 spread. Stay outta MY septic tank please!!!! HUH?
  19. WOPL Sniffer

    Montreal anybody

    Anybody live near Montreal and want to pick up a receiver and ship to me? I will pay you for your time and effort, and ALL packing supplies and send you a Fedex tag
  20. WOPL Sniffer

    700B WOPL's available soon

    Looks like I just scored a handful of 700B amps. If there is anybody interested in commissioning a WOPL, Let me know by PM. I'd love to build you one. OR TWO!!!!! As you may know, the 700B's are nearing impossible to find status. All built using Brand new White Oak Components, with MilSpec...