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  1. Oldaudioschool

    Pioneer SX 1080

    I put my 1080 away a couple of years ago, but a problem with my Sony STR GX 9 developed, so I decided to put the Pioneer back in the stack. I had this one rebuilt by Pacific Stereo over on TH's in late 2011. Even after having it repaired I didn't use it much. It probably had less than 50 hours...
  2. Oldaudioschool

    Running some tape today

    Its been a while since I've run any tape. With nothing else to do today I loaded a 10" reel on a Sony TC-755 and let it go. I've had this deck since 1985. In the mid 90's a retired tech serviced for me and calibrated it for Maxell-XLl back coated tape. The machine still runs flawlessly and only...
  3. Oldaudioschool

    Gasoline prices Skyrocketing!

    It looks like the hit the stock market took a couple of weeks ago is starting to have an effect on the oil futures. Gas prices have dropped 15 cents in the past week to a low of 2.71.9. That's the low for what they call midgrade. Murphy's is generally the leader as the price changes here in the...
  4. Oldaudioschool

    R2R Fan

    As a guest, I've seen a few screen names that are familiar so I thought I'd register. I've been an audio fan, especially R2R, Pioneer & Sony gear for many years. Its always interesting to read what other members use for their listening pleasure. Ron