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  1. Schmurpy

    WANTED: PL 700 II faceplate and knobs!

    The title says it all.
  2. Schmurpy

    PL 4000 yay or nay....

    I see a lot of folks on here run like hell from the first gen PL 4000 preamp..... What is the problem with them?
  3. Schmurpy

    Good price for PL 700 II ?

    The title says it all, lol. Found one in excellent condition, and would like to know what a fair price for it would be?
  4. Schmurpy

    Can't upload/attach pics to this site, please help.

    Hello! Suddenly I can't upload/attach pics to this site. I've tried everything I can think of, and have contacted the server admin, whom as well couldn't find a problem. Anyone else having this issue?
  5. Schmurpy

    Advice wanted: Klipschorn and Phase Linear/DBX package deal!!!

    Is this worth the leap? I have a chance to buy the following package deal, for $5k: Klipschorn CornerHorns - Birch wood 1985, Mint condition with very little use. Phase Linear 400 series II, with auto correlator preamp Series II, Power amp 400 tuner series II, along with 3-DBX range...
  6. Schmurpy

    Pioneer SX-1280

    So, I have an opportunity to pick up a very nice Pioneer SX-1280, for $1,400. All it needs is the toggle knobs, and it's cosmetically excellent. Seller claims it's fully functional as well. What do you think? I have pics of it, but for whatever reason I can't get pics to upload here....
  7. Schmurpy

    Reasonable price for a PL 4000 ii

    What is a reasonable price to pay for a great looking PL 4000 ii?
  8. Schmurpy

    ISO PL 700B advice

    Hello people! Looking at a PL 700B that needs some work, and was hoping some of your great folk could give an opinion. Here is what I know about it: Phase Linear 700B Stereo Power Amplifier acquired from the family of the original owner. I gave this unit a quick test using a...
  9. Schmurpy

    Thoughts on the PL Dual-500!

    I found 3 of them for sale, but am wondering who here has experience with them?
  10. Schmurpy

    Wanted: Sony APM 66es speakers

    Looking for Sony APM 66es speakers, or other true APM speakers.
  11. Schmurpy

    Wanted: MCS receivers and amplifiers

    Hello! I'm looking for MCS receivers and amplifiers, especially the MCS 3125, 3275, and 3253. let me know what you have! Thank you
  12. Schmurpy

    Hello! Audiophile-in-training needing guidance.

    Hello people! I'm quite new to the audiophile world, which was sparked by being recently given a Marantz 2270.... Aaaaaaaand now I'm hooked... Today, I first discovered Phase Linear, and all the rave reviews about it! It seems that anything touched by Bob Carver is coveted. A local seller (WA...