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  1. rtp_burnsville

    Help: Mini Shelf System

    Hi Guys, My Mom has recently moved into a very small apartment and is in need of mini shelf type stereo setup. As usual, such things involving technology fall to me and I have no idea where to start a search for such a system these days. Several years back TEAC and a few others (radio, CD...
  2. rtp_burnsville

    Pioneer RT-1011L

    Hi Guys, Thanks to a longtime friend yet another RTR followed me home this past weekend. This one has spent the past 30 years or so in a church and would bet it hasn't been used more than a dozen times. It needs some stickers removed but otherwise is in great shape. I fired it up and it...
  3. rtp_burnsville

    Dual 1019 TT

    Hi Guys, This morning a Dual 1019 TT followed me home (pictures soon). Does anyone know anything about this thing? A quick search appears to have some good things to say much to my surprise. It appears to be in pretty good condition less a couple cracks in the rear of the dust cover...
  4. rtp_burnsville

    Museum of Broadcasting (in Minnesota)

    I took a visit to this museum in Minneapolis, MN over the weekend and must say I was rather impressed. Museum of Broadcasting 3517 Raleigh Ave St. Louis Park, MN 952-926-8198 Robert
  5. rtp_burnsville

    Pioneer RT-909 Added to Collection

    Hi Guys, A pretty sweet Pioneer RT-909 arrived at my place this weekend all the way from Arizona. My Mom gets the credit for finding this gem along with several low play, 10 inch reels of Ampex 236, Maxell UD, and Scotch 207 and a box of low quality 7 inch reels. The capstan rollers were...
  6. rtp_burnsville

    Realistic Minimus 7 and 77

    Have been looking for a couple more Minimus 7's for some time and today I found both the 7's and its brother the 77. These look to be the first generation 7's as they have the screw terminals rather than the spring clips. The drivers look to be in great shape and the enclosures in good...
  7. rtp_burnsville

    Another Wood Project - Audio Related

    Hi Guys, Here is a shelf system I put together to hold some of the growing audio collection. It's built from maple and ash hardwood and is very module in design. Waiting for the cables to arrive so I can get everything wired up. Only downside is that it needs to be larger! Robert...
  8. rtp_burnsville

    RTR Tape Find, I Think

    Hi Guys, That darn Craigslist strikes again. This time a guy a couple miles down the road had a shopping cart filled with various RTR tapes, 98 in all. I gave him $75 as the like new reels and boxes were worth that even if all the tape was trash. A huge mixture of things the best being some...
  9. rtp_burnsville

    Pioneer RT-1020H

    Hi Guys, Another RTR followed me home this weekend. This one is pretty cherry but will need belts and controls cleaned. I recorded a tape last night at it does a very nice job. Almost didn't go after this one, but glad I did. :) Here is a photo but forgot to include the hubs, and a couple...
  10. rtp_burnsville

    RTR - Sticky Tape List

    Hi Guys, Several months back someone here sent me a list of the known stick tape brands and models. I usually have copies of everything important, but for some reason that list is hiding. Would anyone have a list they could share? I think a few reels that came with that old TEAC deck are...
  11. rtp_burnsville

    Another Teac Followed Me Home TCA-43/RA-41

    Over the weekend got together with a longtime friend and gave him a JVC DD-5 cassette deck I salvaged months back. Well, like usual one box leaves and a few more arrive to takes its place, go figure. Anyway, he had an old TEAC multitrack deck that I had owned from past college days and...
  12. rtp_burnsville

    AKAI GX-255 RTR

    Hi Guys, Anyone have any comments on an AKAI GX-255 reel to reel deck? Looks to have glass heads, 7 inch reels... Thanks, Robert
  13. rtp_burnsville

    Sansui 9090DB

    Well, after 32 years the Sansui is finally going to need a tune up. This week it started acting up when I powered it on so last night I decided it was finally time to unplug it until it can have alittle personal attention and before it wipes out something much more expensive. Hopefully all...
  14. rtp_burnsville

    Apple iPad2, Anyone have one?

    Has anyone here used one of those ipad gizmos? What are your thoughts on the thing? Never had any plan to own an Apple computer item but there is now one sitting on the table at home. Last week while at the local electronics show they pulled my name from the hat for an ipad, so home it came...
  15. rtp_burnsville

    Pioneer RT-701

    Hi Guys, Looks like Santa found me a little early this year...... :D :blob7: :D This weeks find, Pioneer RT-701, Original manual, 5 lightly used Maxell UD 35-90's [attachment=1:iyr899uj]Img_0555_rs.jpg[/attachment:iyr899uj] [attachment=0:iyr899uj]Img_0556_rs.jpg[/attachment:iyr899uj] Robert
  16. rtp_burnsville

    Stacking RTR Tapes.

    A newbee here with RTR tapes and have a question..... Is it better to stack tapes in a horizontal or vertical orientation? I have argued with myself long enough so lets ask the experts..... Thanks, Robert
  17. rtp_burnsville

    Pioneer PL-518 Has A New Home

    I'll start a new thread on this one, Hmmmmmmm, wonder if anyone will find me???? Here is a Pioneer PL-518 that I actually bought back in college days. My brother ended up with it and after he has hauled it around the country to more places than I can count he decided it needed a better home...
  18. rtp_burnsville

    Onix CD-3 Review

    I have been asked to write a short review of the latest toy so here it goes: I won the auction here for the Onix CD-3 a couple weeks back. After reading some good things about the Onix I decided why not bid and see what happens. Well, last night those friendly FEDEX guys had a package sitting...
  19. rtp_burnsville

    What First RTR should one get?

    Hi Guys, Time again for words of wisdom from the wise here...... I have started looking at stereo RTR decks and thought I would ask what would be a good first machine? Sam has an A2300SX and shortly a X1000 coming available would either of those be a good deck to start with? FF, mentioned a...
  20. rtp_burnsville

    Today's Tape Find

    Hi Guys, I found this pile of ~ 75 tapes just down the street this evening. Best of all price was free for the taking.... :D There is a mix of mostly TDK and Maxell with about 1/3 being type II. Even a few on ZIN and some other art forms should one desire to become cultured. Robert...