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    Thinking of building a tube amp

    I was looking at the ST120. I gather this is an amp based on the Dynaco amps. I will pair the amp with my JBL 4311 speakers. I will need a pre amp, looking at the Eico ST84, or perhaps a Dynaco PAS preamp. Does it matter? Should I just go with a modern preamp? Don’t want to...
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    PL400 White Oak LED board

    I have a WO 700B that is in my main system, that went down because of a bad power switch, while it was on the bench I had my PL400 S1 in my main system. I had ordered a 400 LED board from Joe a while back, never got around to installing it, well I fixed the 700B, and got the 400 on the bench...
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    Lot of Phase Linear, not my add looks like mostly 400s, a couple of 700s near me but not my add.
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    Pioneer CT F750 broken pause key

    I picked up a CT F750 on eBay and somehow when it was waiting for the belt kit from Wjoe the pause lever broke. Anyone know if they are the same? I see a play button on ebay, would that work? Anyone out there have a deck they are parting out? Also the lamp that lights the window that shows how...
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    Parts SX-580 button needed

    I am working on an SX-580 and it is missing the Loudness silver button cover. There are a couple of buttons on the auction site, but they look pretty trashed. Anyone have a Pioneer SX that they are parting out? Please PM me. Thanks Bill
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    CL in CT brand new PL400 4 fin

    Not mine, box included four fin pl400.$420
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    Ipad direct to stereo=not great

    For about a year I have been listening to digital music from my iPad to my Pioneer SX-950 using a headphone to RCA cable. Sound was OK, some albums sounded better than others. Most of the music was ripped from CDs at 256bit rate. In another thread I noted that I picked up a reel to reel, the...
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    Picked up a new toy

    I have wanted a reel to reel deck for a long time, although for the life of me the only reason I can think of is because they are cool. I can do everything a reel to reel does from my iPad, but the ipad is not cool. I grabbed a Pioneer RT-909 off of the list, had to drive 200 miles, but it was...
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    Any HAM operators out there

    I have an Anritsu Site Master S113 hand held antenna transmission line tester for trade for an oscilloscope or reel to reel deck. Let me know what you have, the unit is in near perfect condition with a rebuilt battery pack, factory box, and all of the accessories that was shipped with the unit...
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    Ebay basket case Pioneer PL-570

    I purchased a PL 700B from ebay a while back, the amp had been stored in a shed and needed everything. The amp got a full white oak treatment including a new chassis and face plate. It sits proudly in my main system. Now I purchased a PL-570 that someone took apart and will be shipped in...
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    Pioneer PL530 or PL570

    I have a hankering for another turntable, I like the looks of the PL530/PL570. The PL530 is selling for around $300, the PL570 for around $600. Is the PL570 that much better, should I be looking at other tables and forget the Pioneers? I would like an automatic table, I have two teenagers...
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    Delivery form NavLinear Outstanding

    Got the package today, great wire, top notch! Also got an extra surprise in the shipment. Thanks NavLinear for making this hobby a little easier.
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    TheWOPLwhiffer another great transaction

    Purchased a face plate, bulk Caps, and a few other misc items. Packing was impressive, everything arrived perfect. Great communications. Thanks Perry!
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    Another WOPL 700B buld

    You may know this amp from another thread titled 700B Ebay rescue. I ordered a chassis, control board, wire kit, outputs, and back-planes from Joe. I also have a DC protect from Watts Abundant. In two nights I assembled the control board and will probably finish the two back-planes by the end...
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    PL400 question

    I was listening to my PL400 at medium to high volume and the Watts Abundant DC protection kicked in. Brought the unit to the bench and put it on the DBT, sure enough the 75W bulb did not dim, problem with the right channel. Removed all of the output transistors and found one shorted and one...
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    ebay Phase Linear 700B rescue

    Just received the 700B that I purchased on ebay, The description said it sat in a shed for many years. I ordered a few cleaning items, such as no residue cleaner, contact cleaner, metal polish, and plastic polish. The amp is missing all but one fuse caps and fuses, missing the big capacitor...