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  1. K-5BLAZER

    crown micro tech 2400

    dose any one know any thing about the crown micro tech 2400. I have one the right channel is very weak and has lost of distortion and right channel odep light is out. left channel works perfect and left channel odep light is lit.
  2. K-5BLAZER

    would you buy one of these?

    I have a chance to get one of these should I I also have the opertunity to get a crown k2
  3. K-5BLAZER

    check these out

    these are NOT mine wish they were
  4. K-5BLAZER

    subwoofer recone

    I have a pair of rockford fosgate p110s4 subs that need reconing can any one point me in the right direction? I do not know if factory parts are still around or if these wold be turned it to one offs with off the shelf parts?
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    why? no one will pay that
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    face plate and handles

    where can I get a reproduction laser etched anodized brushed face plate and a set of handle for my new to me amp see thread
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    the member that I got my 700ii for also has a 700b that is bone stock working non resrored unmodified. this is a gut shot of it any one every seen a 700b that looked like this from the factory it dose not match stock gut shots on google images
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    just got a 700 ii

    I just got this it is on its way to me should have it by the end of the week.
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    this is weird

    check out this very odd 400 series 1 amp
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    would you buy this?

    would you buy this? this is the first pl amp I found in my price range wish I could find a core 700b or series two for about the same price as this.
  11. K-5BLAZER

    question for those who build wopls

    I have a real quick question for any one who builds wopls instead of using rca inputs would it do able to use these instead?
  12. K-5BLAZER

    custom amp

    I have an idea in my head on making a custom amp and would like to know if one control/driver board can run more then one pair of backplane boards
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    speaker refoam

    I am getting ready to have a pair of woofers refoamed the dust caps are smashed. I have all the parts I know that you do not all ways have to remove the dust cap to do the job. my question is dose it matter what order you do the job in. change the dust caps first or the other way around
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    a question about amp conections

    I just got a new to me crown 800 csl and I would like to know how to set it up? Should I use f-rca to m-1/4'' adapters or a rca to xlr converter box thanks
  15. K-5BLAZER

    marantz sp1500 rebuild

    at the beginning of the year a friend gave a pair of empty marantz sp1500 cabs. I have installed the terminals and crossover from my old speakers so far. I am going to be changing the port on the cabs. add dampening going to use 15 variant of the the 12 I used in my last build. going with a...
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    will these fot on a 400

    I was looking around and saw these is there any chance that these will fit on my amp
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    original pl700 question

    I was searching on ebay and saw this an original pl700 and on the transformer it says 2500 watts is a misprint cause I know that the 700b/series two is...
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    are these any good

    are these preamps any or better then the one I am using now...
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    the audio gods have struck me down

    I do not know if this is right place for this but here I with a bit of back-story. 1 month ago I desided to switch from windows 7 ultimate to linux mint 18.2 since w7 is do to lose all suport and updates as 1-14-2020 I do not like 8/8.1 or 10 so a freeware os was the only option. linux sound is...
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    cheap over priced speakers customized and moded are monsters now

    for a long time I wanted to build my own speakers either for scratch or starting with acembled cabinets well I was gifted these straight of the white van clame to use goldwood drivers and way inflated power handling this is the starting point through out all drivers and grills get rid of plastic...