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    Acoustat X amp question

    Does anyone know what this knob does? I don't see it in any of the pics I've researched on the web and it's not labeled. Its the one below the inputs on the right. It has 6 positions. All the knobs match so I don't think it was added but the knobs could have been changed. I don't know why you...
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    Tell me what you think

    What do you think of this switch location. I don't like not having a switch to power down the amp while leaving everything else on. Since it's plugged in behind all the equipment it's a PITA. NO, I didn't drill the other holes in the faceplate but I will be finding a way to cover them
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    Concept 2QD just finised and now for sale

    My pops just finished this one, if your looking for a clean TT check this out
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    Acoustat X

    I finally got a chance to pick up a set of Acoustat X's with the M&K 12" sub designed to go with them. The amps are in desperate need of rebuilding but all there and in decent shape. Panels look good but cabs need refinishing. Sub needs new surround and the oak sides of the cab need redone. The...
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    Phase Linear 400 issue help!

    So I have acquired a 400 series 1 from a friend of mine. He's had it in his closet for 20 years because he said one of the channels has a hum. I added it to my setup and sure enough it has a hum on both sides with the volume off. It plays well and with double the power of my existing amp much...