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  1. Skywavebe

    Unfortunately It is Time To Report

    Here we go. So for a while now I have heard and seen ads on E bay for a guy who replaces all the caps in a Pioneer deck for say $750- sounds good right? HA. Well now I get calls from his customers to say that the decks do not work- at least three of them. Well as far as I am concerned that is...
  2. Skywavebe

    Pile of Tubes found at old closed shop. Any Interest?

    I was helping clean up a shop that was open for 49 years and it had boxes of tubes there as well as a large tester device. I can make a list of the tube numbers and then list them if there is any interest- I would like to sell them in bulk packages. There could be item there that are...
  3. Skywavebe

    New Parts Available for X1000R- Speed- Reel Switch

    There is no longer the need to buy these parts on E bay if yours fails at over $20 each. I sell the exact same item for $10/ Pair and then whatever postage is. I came along when the Gear C was selling for $80 and got that price down to a reasonable amount now I am doing it for these switches...
  4. Skywavebe

    Any Lazarus Mono Tube Amp Technicians here? Mark 3

    I do not work on tube equipment since I left Radio. I was contacted to have a Mark 3 amp fixed but I don't have a ready source of people who do this? Any recommendations?
  5. Skywavebe

    Tascam 122 Mk III Gear C available

    Tascam 122 Mk III and other decks For those of you who are aware of my service and to those that need help to repair their Tascam deck that use this Gear C, I have the part in stock now and they are available for you or your Technician to repair the deck with. They have been custom made so they...
  6. Skywavebe

    Secondary Calibration speed tapes

    Hello fellow Phoenix members, In another forum I posted this offer so as to allow some people that can not afford the MRL speed tape to set their machines (Reel decks 1/4") up to the correct speed after installing a new belt or oiling or even new pinch rollers. What I have is a speed tape made...
  7. Skywavebe

    Stick Tape Treatment

    Many of you old folks may have heard about this already. However for those from just Phoenix Tape site may have missed this welcome source of a way to correct the squealing and squeaky tape we have had to deal with from 3M and Ampex and maybe others. The item is called Nu Finish...
  8. Skywavebe

    Teac X1000R Vs X2000R models

    Hello Reel tape deck persons, As of late I have been getting in a lot of X2000R models for repair. This leads me to having to calibrate them and try to make them as good as new operational wise. The unit I am now working on has about 200 to 300 hours on the heads which are the CA orange heads...
  9. Skywavebe

    NAB Adapters- straight shaft

    Hello Guys and Gals, I have a box of International NAB adapters which are used but still functional. I am selling them for $26/shipped per pair. These are the ones that work on Otari decks and any other units that has a smooth shaft design as they are friction fit. See picture. Payment by Paypal...
  10. Skywavebe

    Excellent Source of Service Manuals

    Hello Fellow repair persons, Many may not know what a great resource we have available to us when we are in need of a service manual not only on Reel to Reels but also Cassettes and all other Electronics equipment. I am talking about paper manuals that are expertly put together where every page...
  11. Skywavebe

    How to repair a Teac transformer

    Hello Friends, This time, I came across a repair of a Teac A3440 deck known to be dead and what was said to be a open Primary in a transformer. It was correct. This post if followed correctly will allow you to fix a Teac transformer that has the internal fuse burned out in it that otherwise...
  12. Skywavebe

    Teac New RC-403 in box

    Hello Friends, Recently discovered in one of my clean ups a box with a new RC-403 which is made for the A4010 deck series. I have seen them go for $70 but I am willing to send it for $35 shipped. I have a picture of the actual item. Only one unit so first to take it is first to get...
  13. Skywavebe

    Teac RC-602 Repeat control

    Hello All, I have discovered an RC-602 repeat control unit for the A6000 or thereabouts models. Probably A6010 or A6030. It looks to be in good shape and is going for shipping only $8- $10 at most. Anyone interested?