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  1. Northwinds

    WOPL 700B Rev E board question

    A very good friend of mine on AK biught Edroom's WOPL. Ed said the amp was built recently but he never said who the builder was, only that he was a highly respected AK builder So if anyone here built the amp, please replay The amp powers on but has low out put in both channels and a...
  2. Northwinds

    Right channel cutting out on my WOPL Clair 700

    Happening a lot lately and it scares me a little but since this is my only amp, I still listen to it everyday. Just disconcerting playing a record, RTR or CD and right channel just shuts off then comes back on intermittently. Sometimes I get a distorted fizzy sound. Not sure if it has anything...
  3. Northwinds

    Copulatin' Blues Vol I & II & Copulating Rhythyms Vol 1 & II lps, one sealed

    $55 shipped for all, all records are -NM, the still sealed one is assumed -NM. Hard to find all 4 in one place and all super nice! PM me if you want them, I accept PayPal or a USPS money order (no other types of MO's)
  4. Northwinds

    I opened a sealed 40+ year old Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour MINT UNPLAYED

    Opened only to verify what pressing. This is the 1976 issue I was asking $75 shipped obo. This has not been played, it's a Winchester manufacture, gatefold in shrink never opened up, includes 24 page booklet insert So a truly mint NOS copy, no stylus has touched these virgin grooves PayPal...
  5. Northwinds

    Phase Linear 400 manual

    Just acquired one and if there is a specific spot here at Phoenix to post the pages for review
  6. Northwinds

    Miles Davis - Someday My Prince Will Come AFRTS lp in Gov't sleeve

    Record is VG, plays well but with some noise, shows a few handling marks but glossy. Sleeve in nice shape Asking $30 shipped in the US for this rather unique version, I have never seen another copy like it PayPal please to: Please post SOLD and PM me your...
  7. Northwinds

    More killer CD's

    I have these to post and if you look at my other thread, many of those are still available $5 shipping in the US covers as many you want PayPal please to: Please post SOLD to your selections and PM me your shipping info Minimum order before shipping charge $20...
  8. Northwinds

    ABC Rock Radio Network: Jefferson Starship Thanksgiving 1984 2lp broadcast only copy

    SOLD ABC Rock Radio Network: Jefferson Starship Thanksgiving 1984 2lp broadcast Rolling Stones Continuous History of Rock & Roll show #184 Not many of these kicking around and I remember this show like yesterday because they played White Rabbit and Jane which back then were two of my favorite...
  9. Northwinds

    Happy Father's Day

    How are you spending yours? I believe we are all going to Bigelow Hollow for some fishing when it cools down a little more
  10. Northwinds

    1 or 2 day sale on these CD's: Blues, rock and Metal!!!

    If your a US resident, $5 shipping covers as many as you want. If your a Canadian citizen, it might be best if you have a friend close to the border who can get them to you I ask a minimum $20 purchase before shipping cost so ie $25 minimum order please PayPal please to...
  11. Northwinds

    Hard Rock and Heavy Metal lps, a shitload of 'em

    For Brothers looking, I have these for sale. I would appreciate at least a $25 sale to conserve mailers. Shipping in US is $5 no matter how many you buy. For you Canadian brothers, I would recommend a border address or someone who can get them to you as postage is insane You will dig these...
  12. Northwinds

    Sheena Easton 3 lp sealed 1980s lot

    All 3 for $30 shipped in the US, I believe these are all first pressings PayPal please to: Please post SOLD and PM me your shipping info Lot includes: The Lover in Me w/ hype sticker MCA Records issue You Could Have Been With Me EMI America issue Best...
  13. Northwinds

    What modern substitutions would you recommend for this amp

    Cerwin Vega A-2200 200wpc @ 8 ohms 375wpc @ 4 ohms I find it interesting that this amp almost doubles down. I had it set up in the garage using a APT Holman preamp, the amp is driving my CV E-712's out there. I moved it into the house using the Perreaux SA3 and driving the D9's. I noticed the...
  14. Northwinds

    Modern Jazz Qyautet, 9 lps ALL original UK pressings

    Modern Jazz Quartet, 9 lps ALL original UK pressings Could really use a few bucks so here you go... MJQ Sun Dance featuring Jimmy Giuffre Atlantic red/plum UK issue 588126 original 1963 issue, jacket VG+, record -NM $20 MJQ Blues at Carnegie Hall Philips BL 7767 original black label 1967...
  15. Northwinds

    Anybody here have a Heathkit TC-2?

    The TC-2 is a tube checker, not sure if the meter lens is the same on other similar Heathkit models. If you have the whole meter I would also be interested as mine the needle looks different from the below picture I have a great working unit but the meter lens is cracked so if you have a lens...
  16. Northwinds

    AK dude having problem w/ biasing issues on a 400

    I tried to direct him here and his amp probably would already be running if he did so but Joe, Lee, Jer, Ed... please take a look. Here is the thread, I am a little concerned he is not getting the help he needs from folks who actually know this stuff...
  17. Northwinds

    Quick sale - Elton John 4 cassette boxest miny

    Elton John - Too Be Continued... 4 cassette set barely played w/ booklet insert and info sheet in nice box $20 shipped in the US PayPal or USPS MO PayPal to: Please post SOLD and PM me your shipping info Box is nice, in fact everything is nice with this set
  18. Northwinds

    Bunch 'o records

    $20 minimum purchase please. I would recommend a cleaning prior to play for best SQ but these all look NICE $5 US shipping covers as many as you want. If you in Canada and want it mailed to a US address for pickup/delivery in person, I can do that PayPal please to...
  19. Northwinds

    Anybody here collect US Army WWII and Korean conflict medals?

    These were an uncle's and have been in storage for a lot of years, I know nothing about values but the ribbons are clean and no fraying. There is a few German Occupation ones, Korea and just WWII ones. I can remove them from the frame to save shipping but they look beautiful on the wall. I am...
  20. Northwinds

    Aaron Hernandez dead

    He was found hanging in his cell I feel bad for his daughter but other then that, I am not losing any sleep over it. He wanted to be a gangsta and got what he deserved