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  1. rtp_burnsville

    Is My Weller WES50 Iron Dying

    If your model has a connector for the probe assembly you might check there first. Over the years I ran into several that just had bad connections after a few years of use. Robert
  2. rtp_burnsville

    The Tascam 42NB LIVES!!!!!

    Ha, Nando is the one that got me started on the Pioneer RTR decks. I was always a Teac/Tascam guy but at the moment there are three Pioneers in the collection. I had a couple others but due to a recent move I have thinned the family a little. Robert
  3. rtp_burnsville

    The Tascam 42NB LIVES!!!!!

    Ha, never say never as these things tend to multiply when you are not looking... Your deck looks like a very nice one. Robert
  4. rtp_burnsville

    New Kid on the block

    Welcome to the forum! Robert
  5. rtp_burnsville

    Panavise advice

    The two I have used the most are the standard vise and the mini PCB holder. It you are looking for something to hold larger odd shaped items check out what is called a parrot vise. Grizzly has one for around $75 that is handy as well. Robert
  6. rtp_burnsville

    Just Wanted to say Hi...

    Welcome back. Robert
  7. rtp_burnsville

    New Member from northern Minnesota

    Welcome to Phoenix.... Robert
  8. rtp_burnsville

    My New Preamp!!

    I 'll dig around later this afternoon and see if I can find something. I am pretty sure we can find something to work for you. Almost all the boxes are unpacked so it's getting easier to find things once again. :) Robert
  9. rtp_burnsville

    My New Preamp!!

    How many do you need? Not sure how many of those I have assembled.... I might have enough parts if you only need a couple. Robert
  10. rtp_burnsville

    My New Preamp!!

    Lee, I have a bunch of heavy duty RCA to RCA signal cables if you need some... Robert
  11. rtp_burnsville


    The new software is working fine for me too..... Thanks to those involved. Robert
  12. rtp_burnsville

    Christmas always starts in Summer...

    Thanks Steven, Downloading now! Thanks in advance as I always enjoy your Christmas creation...... Robert
  13. rtp_burnsville

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Hi Guys, Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.... Many thanks to Lee and the wife for inviting me for the Cream Can adventure. Ha, I grew up in dairy country and have never heard of such a thing. It was great and even have a doggy bag for later today. :) After several years of trying...
  14. rtp_burnsville

    My New Preamp!!

    As they say...... Boys and their toys! Robert :)
  15. rtp_burnsville

    Help: Mini Shelf System

    Thanks Steven..... :)
  16. rtp_burnsville

    Help: Mini Shelf System

    Thanks for the offer, but not likely to get to Chicago in the near future..... Mom appears to like the Bose Soundtouch so that may be what she ends up with. I would much prefer one of those nice, shelf system from years gone by but to each their own..... Robert
  17. rtp_burnsville

    Help: Mini Shelf System

    Hi Guys, My Mom has recently moved into a very small apartment and is in need of mini shelf type stereo setup. As usual, such things involving technology fall to me and I have no idea where to start a search for such a system these days. Several years back TEAC and a few others (radio, CD...
  18. rtp_burnsville


    Craig, Best wishes for a quick recovery.... Robert
  19. rtp_burnsville

    MARANTZ PMD221 Portable Cassete Recorder (19/20XX?)

    I have the stereo version of this recorder and it did a very good job recording.... The mono version were the defacto practice recorder for many musicians in the day. The variable speed control allowed one to slow the music down and easily pick out riffs and harmonies. Robert