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  1. roccus

    Sansui monster

    These were very cool my uncle had one... Monster
  2. roccus

    Looking to upgrade to horns

    I upgraded my speakers with bullet tweeters 10 or 12 years ago and would like to try horns with drivers. Not sure what I am looking for something that will handle the power from the WOPL 400... new or used but don't want to go over about $200.... also thinking about cross overs. Any suggestions??
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    Never liked monopolies....

    The Record Label of The Future is No Label At All
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    Toasted 400 still toast

    Some of you may recall a situation I had with my WOPL 400 build. It had developed a problem where it would trip the protector. Joe said he had a fix for it by swapping out a couple of resistors to different values, he sent me the revised replacement resistors and told me where they go.... I...
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    Pioneer SX-939 rebuild

    So I got the covers off the 939 and peeking around this looks like a huge can of worms compared to anything I have recapped in the past I am a bit nervous about messing with the tuner section as I have never worked on one. These Pioneers don't solder the wire harness in to the boards instead the...
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    Amazing how small components are getting and what they can pack into such a small package these days here is a good example of that in an amp'''
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    Here is something you don't see every day...
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    AR's me likes
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    Control board voltage problem

    On the +15V test pin on the control board I am getting +15.2V so that is good but on the -15V pin I am getting +1.3V I pulled and checked Q2 and VR2 but they are both ok... maybe a diode blown?
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    These are some very cool beasts...
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    Build my own TT isolation platform

    Going to build my own isolation platform and playing around with ideas Here I used sheet rock for 2 layers under the bottom layer I used some gelatin type pads with thin foam in between the bottom and top layer it helped a lot but still not great but I'm thinking layers is the way to go just...
  12. roccus

    DCP going south??

    I put a DCP in my WOPL 400 I was a bit hesitant to as the experience I have had with them in Pioneer amps has not been good every time I would crank an old Pioneer the relay kicks in and that is not a nice thing. I went ahaed and put the DCP im my PL to see how it would go. Well it had worked...
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    Stock PL400

    Selling my stock PL400 this is an early 4 fin model it does roun and plays but should at least be recapped or use to build a wopl $380 includes shipping to the 48's
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    What an animal!! TFM-75
  15. roccus

    Online vinyl sources??

    any good online sources for new and used vinyl other than ebay??
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    Spikes for speakers

    Want to strat to try to get rid of feedback to turn table though my speakers are on concrete floor I can still feel vibration through my feet through the floor so was looking for spikes to but on the bottom of my speakers. I saw some on ebay but they are stupid expensive for what they are.. How...
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    What Is difference between low ang high output?

    what is difference between low and high output on a moving coil cartridge... pros cons of each type?
  18. roccus

    Needing a new table

    Thinking on getting a new table my old direct drive JVC QL-A5 got a real bad rumble going through it where the woofers pulsate real bad took a look at it and their are no rubber mounts for the motor so not sure where it is coming from maybe cartridge craped out? It has a pickering XV 15 that I...
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    Anyone here ever seen one of these??

    Anyone seen one of these??? It's a Seeburg LU-1 library unit. They hold 100 45rpm records each record has a lever below its slot with 4 positions to play both...
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    EPI fans

    I see some EPI fans here. Here are a couple stories about the original EPI They were made in Newburyport MA. That is where I was born and grew up. Seems like 1/2 the young people in town worked there at one time or another (I did not). I had several friends and a couple cousins who did work...