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  1. nadude98

    Magnepan 1.6qr's for trade..

    I have a pair of Maggie's I would like to swap.. Either for a pair of speakers that would match my WOPL 400 better.. Or I don't if its in the realm or reason today, maybe some kind of swap for non-working Phase Linear 400 or 700 I could WOLP. Open to various ideas. I would like a nice set of...
  2. nadude98

    Tube stuff

    Don't know if anyone would be interested but someone came into the shop where I have albums and some audio equipment for sale at and I got to talking to him. Well, he is a student at ISU and his grandfather recently passed away and he is selling a bunch of his stuff..... I don't know tube but he...
  3. nadude98

    Roger Waters!

    Woohoo.... just got an email from Roger, North American tour announced. Presale starts tomorrow.... I'm definitely going to see him! Louisville here we come.........:blob4:
  4. nadude98

    Bluetooth Source for Audio

    I thought I would share about a cool little device I picked up on sale at Best Buy the other day. It really works great so far and it is convenient. I'm not sure of any specs but the sound is great to my ears. They are on sale for only $32 and I am using it to stream from my computer to my...
  5. nadude98

    Finally got my last turntable!

    She is so sweet..!
  6. nadude98

    Waiting lists?

    Is there anyone willing to go over my WOPL build and if so can I get on the waiting list? :toothy5:
  7. nadude98

    Oscilliscope opinion's!

    Just wonder what you guys might think about one of these as a low cost option for basic troubleshooting.
  8. nadude98

    Carver C4000 Preamp Help....!

    Help!!! I went to play an album last night and I noticed something wasn't right with the system. It had been fine last time I used it but the sound was not right and I had no right channel.. I had to turn it up too much. It was just off! Well after playing around with it I realized what I had...
  9. nadude98

    More Power!

    Been kind of shopping for a PL700, what are people smoking.... the prices on e-pray are crazy for unmodded units!
  10. nadude98

    Removing Scratches from Acrylic Faceplates?

    Anyone know how to remove scratches from faceplates? Somehow I scratched the dial faceplate on a G7000 and I wondering if it can be fixed.
  11. nadude98

    Sansui AU-6600 Blown Outputs

    I have been searching and can't seem to find any recommended subs for the outputs. They are 2SA758's and 2SC898's. Is there any recommendations?
  12. nadude98

    Phase Linear P3600 Preamplifier

    I have a friends preamp to see if I can fix it for him. It's the one he didn't want to sell. Does anyone have SM that they have scanned? :toothy5:
  13. nadude98

    Help! Sansui G7000 !

    I recapped and installed new outputs in it and on initial power up dbt stayed bright, pulled the driver board and it dimmed out. Checked outputs and reinstalled one at a time and powered on. With all outputs except TR702 installed everything is fine but when I put in TR702 in the bulb stays...
  14. nadude98

    Carver C4000 Preamp Help....!

    It turns out my Preamp has been the culprit all along when I thought I had messed up the build of my WOPL. Is it possible for me to potentially fix it or do I need to leave it to a pro. The problem in high dc at the output on the left channel. I also tried turning off everything i.e. tone, sonic...
  15. nadude98

    Which Ones Would Make Good Projects..?

    I was at a friends picking up speakers for another friend. This guy is an antique dealer that is into audio, mainly tube gear for himself. He is always picking up stuff at estate sales all over the state. His phono cartridge collection is out of this world! Anyways, he has a section of stuff...
  16. nadude98

    Pioneer A-60 Rebuild-Restore

    Started my attempt to restore a Pioneer A-60 I picked up. Let's say it was in sad shape...! I've cleaned up the outside and "fixed" an alps micro switch in the switch assembly. I am more interested in having a phono input than aux so I just swapped them out, since they are NLA. Started a recap...
  17. nadude98

    WOPL 400 Build Problem!

    Got the build done but I am having a problem. After I got the back plane boards installed and the bottom row of transistors in I did the basic test and initial power up. Everything was fine. I then discharged, or at least thought I had, the supply caps using the resistor and alligator clips I...
  18. nadude98

    Carver C4000 Preamp

    I have a Carver C4000 that I am using with the Phase Linear I just WOPL'ed. I had it serviced somewhere out west.. :la: a couple of years ago. A couple of questions, one he found the transformer was bad and there were no drop in replacements so he had to replace with a different one and...
  19. nadude98

    Can anyone repair Alps pushbutton switches?

    Trying to repair a Pioneer A60 amp, the source selector switch for phono won't latch... at an impasse! Also noticed when I powered it up and was hitting the selector the MM or MC light would light up no matter what input I selected.. seems wrong to me... :la:
  20. nadude98

    PL 400 Question?

    Hello there, I hope everyone had a great Christmas! My question is about whatever it is that is mounted above the fuses on the inside that serves as an insulator. Mine is destroyed and I was wondering if anyone has a suggestion as to what I can use to replace it. I'm not sure what to look for...