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  1. oldphaser

    Bill Hanley book: "The Last Seat in the House: The Story of Hanley Sound" by John Kane (Just Released)

    Bill Hanley posted these comments on Facebook 4 hours ago: A new book about a Boston/Medford Music Legend!!!!! "From Washington, DC, to Woodstock, Bill Hanley was the best sound in the solar system. Uber awesome and amazing." - Wavy Gravy, Hippie Icon, Flower Geezer, and Temple of Accumulated...
  2. oldphaser

    Bob Cordell book "Designing Audio Power Amplifiers", 2nd Edition (Available Soon)

    Bob Cordell has come out with a 2nd edition to "Designing Audio Power Amplifiers". It should be available sometime this May through Focal/ Routledge: and will become...
  3. oldphaser

    Vintage Phase Linear 400 Power Amplifier – Refurbished (On Ebay Now) Does anyone know who this person is that is selling this amp? Just in case the ad disappears I have copied the text and pasted it below: Up for auction is a...
  4. oldphaser

    Phase Linear 700B Rack Handle History

    Lee has inspired me to write some musings on the Phase Linear 700B Rack Handle history: The Phase Linear 700B rack handles were originally obtained from Bud Industries as part number H-9152 and were listed in Phase Linear master parts list as part number 121-0026-0. It appears that they were...
  5. oldphaser

    Different Kinds Of Meters Give Different Readings According To The Waveform

    Different Kinds Of Meters Give Different Readings According To The Waveform This was obtained from Norman Crowhurst's book Basic Audio Volume 2
  6. oldphaser

    Resistor Noise

    Here are some links to documents concerning the different types of resistors and resistor noise. Basics of Linear Fixed Resistors Vishay Application Note Document Number 28771, Revision 11-Nov-08 Resistors by R.A. Fairs Wireless World Oct 1975 pgs 487-492 Build the J-Can To Measure Resistor...
  7. oldphaser

    Carver C-4000 For Sale on Facebook $200
  8. oldphaser

    The Art of Speaker Design Parts 1 & 2

    The Art of Speaker Design Parts 1 & 2 by Lynn Olson Part 1 (includes some discussion on Horns and High-Efficiency Systems) Part 2 (The Family of Direct Radiators)
  9. oldphaser

    Flame Speaker (Build Your Own)

    "Flame Speaker-everything you need to know for building the most revolutionary loudspeaker to sound off in 40 years!" Could this be a match to your Flame Linear amplifier? see pages...
  10. oldphaser

    A Tiny History of High Fidelity Parts 1 & 2

    A Tiny History of High Fidelity Parts 1 & 2 by Lynn Olson.
  11. oldphaser

    Transient Intermodulation Distortion

    Here is a list of documents I have gathered on the subject or Transient Intermodulation Distortion over the last couple of years: NOTE: I also have all of the AES papers. However, I cannot share them. Audio Engineering Society Papers (NOTE: Most AES/JAES papers are not free. In some cases...
  12. oldphaser

    New Knobs For Phase Linear Amps

    My friend Mick posted this on Facebook and I had to laugh. "I wanted my amp to be louder. So, I got this new knob. Now it goes to 400 !! It does run a little hot now, but I keep an extinguisher handy. " Another person asked"How does it sound on Broil? Mick responded "depends on how close I...
  13. oldphaser

    Phase Linear 400 Series Amplifier Specs - Sales Brochures, Owner's & Service Manuals

    Here is my best effort at putting into one place all the specifications for Phase Linear 400 series amplifiers (i.e. 400 series 1 and 400 series II). NOTE: Please start with file number 1 (Phase Linear 400-the first 400) and work your way towards file number 12 (Phase Linear 400 series II-the...
  14. oldphaser

    Phase Linear 700 Series Amplifier Specs - Sales Brochures, Owner's & Service Manuals

    Here is my best effort at putting into one place all the specifications for Phase Linear 700 series amplifiers (i.e. 700, 700B, 700 II and Pro 700). NOTE: Although I attempted to load all the files so they would appear in numerical order below that doesn't appear to be the case. So please...
  15. oldphaser

    Clip-On Heatsinks

    Whilst do some more searching on the internet concerning the FTC amplifier rule from 1974, I stumbled across a Crown DC-300A with some clip on heat-sinks. It appears that Crown used these for a while in an effort to meet the 1/3rd power pre-conditioning required for 1 hour. (NOTE: The FTC later...
  16. oldphaser

    Dynamic Headroom Testing of Audio Amplifiers

    I will be placing some articles in this thread as they relate to "dynamic headroom" testing. I will also be editing this particular post from time-to-time, as I find more appropriate verbiage. "Dynamic headroom" was defined in IHF-A-202 (in 1978). I do not have a copy of IHF-A-201 (1966). If...
  17. oldphaser

    Meter Ballistics

    Here is the first in a series of articles I have concerning meter ballistics.
  18. oldphaser

    oldphaser (Ed) Builds Some Amps (Phase Linear & White Oak Audio)

    Finally after all these years, I am just about to finish up a batch of Phase Linear 700 series amplifiers with W.O. Audio and Phase Linear pc boards. I intend on having (1) of every revision of pc board installed in each one of these amps including Phase Linear PL0171, PL14A, PL20, PL36 and...
  19. oldphaser

    Phase Linear 700 (Near Disaster Averted)

    I am in the process of building a number of Phase Linear 700, 700B, and 700 series II amplifiers from the ground up. In the course of these builds, I was installing some heat-sinks and making sure that I had enough clearance between the heat-sinks, chassis and the TO-3 socket's (where the...
  20. oldphaser

    RSD (Recording Studio Design) ( renamed: Studiomaster) 800B vs Phase Linear 400

    I was going through all my filing cabinets filled with catalogs, sales brochures and manuals and found an old Studiomaster catalog with a RSD 800B amplifier in it and remembered seeing some verbiage on the internet about it. The following text was obtained from Studiomaster's web site...