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  1. roccus

    Very sad news

    Been very busy the past month taking care of my wife till the end.. Obit
  2. roccus

    My C1 is out of inputs, need more.....

    My C1 is out of inputs and I don't have enough inputs. I have 2 tape decks, 2 turn tables, a CD player, a tuner, and an XM receiver. I still want to hook up another tape deck, a tablet/laptop, I plan on eventually adding a video projector, and it would be nice to have 1 or 2 extras for what ever...
  3. roccus

    120V to 115V conversion??

    I am running my whole system off of one plug 15amp outlet. The way my system is growing I will be tripping the circuit and thinking of running a whole new line off the fuse box so I could have 2 15amp circuits for power. Sitting right behind my stereo rack is a 220V outlet. It uses a typical...
  4. roccus

    Cheep amp for back up or other use

    Last summer I blew out my stock 400, I had it powering subs... may have been pushing it to much for a stock amp so the right channel gave out. I need to find something to replace the 400 to drive subs and came across the Crown CL1. This is a great amp and built like a tank. If you need a cheep...
  5. roccus

    RIP stock 400

    So today I turn my system on crank it up a bit and the stock 400 stops putting out it was lit up but no sound, this amp has been driving my subs. So I check fuses line fuse is ok as I thought it would bas the lights to the meters stayed on but the other 2 fuses were blown. Replaced them...
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    Klipsch KP600's

    For you Klip fans Klipsch KP600's
  7. roccus

    Sansui monster

    These were very cool my uncle had one... Monster
  8. roccus

    Looking to upgrade to horns

    I upgraded my speakers with bullet tweeters 10 or 12 years ago and would like to try horns with drivers. Not sure what I am looking for something that will handle the power from the WOPL 400... new or used but don't want to go over about $200.... also thinking about cross overs. Any suggestions??
  9. roccus

    Never liked monopolies....

    The Record Label of The Future is No Label At All
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    Toasted 400 still toast

    Some of you may recall a situation I had with my WOPL 400 build. It had developed a problem where it would trip the protector. Joe said he had a fix for it by swapping out a couple of resistors to different values, he sent me the revised replacement resistors and told me where they go.... I...
  11. roccus

    Pioneer SX-939 rebuild

    So I got the covers off the 939 and peeking around this looks like a huge can of worms compared to anything I have recapped in the past I am a bit nervous about messing with the tuner section as I have never worked on one. These Pioneers don't solder the wire harness in to the boards instead the...
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    Amazing how small components are getting and what they can pack into such a small package these days here is a good example of that in an amp'''
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    Here is something you don't see every day...
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    AR's me likes
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    Control board voltage problem

    On the +15V test pin on the control board I am getting +15.2V so that is good but on the -15V pin I am getting +1.3V I pulled and checked Q2 and VR2 but they are both ok... maybe a diode blown?
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    These are some very cool beasts...
  17. roccus

    Build my own TT isolation platform

    Going to build my own isolation platform and playing around with ideas Here I used sheet rock for 2 layers under the bottom layer I used some gelatin type pads with thin foam in between the bottom and top layer it helped a lot but still not great but I'm thinking layers is the way to go just...
  18. roccus

    DCP going south??

    I put a DCP in my WOPL 400 I was a bit hesitant to as the experience I have had with them in Pioneer amps has not been good every time I would crank an old Pioneer the relay kicks in and that is not a nice thing. I went ahaed and put the DCP im my PL to see how it would go. Well it had worked...
  19. roccus

    Stock PL400

    Selling my stock PL400 this is an early 4 fin model it does roun and plays but should at least be recapped or use to build a wopl $380 includes shipping to the 48's
  20. roccus

    What an animal!! TFM-75