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  1. 62vauxhall

    A non-PL quasi-comp output transistor question

    Hoping for some general info concerning a dual mono Rotel RA-1412 integrated. Both power supplies have been made to work but the Protection circuit will not disengage. Unless the left main amplifier board is disconnected. As far as I have been able to tell, there is nothing wrong with that...
  2. 62vauxhall

    Erse in Koss

    After getting a pair of Koss CM/1030's a few months ago, I was advised to replace all the crossover's bi-polar electrolytic capacitors with metalized film caps made by Erse. I looked for cheaper alternatives for the values required but it would have meant ordering from two or three vendors and...
  3. 62vauxhall

    Does anyone know details about Polk SDA’s?

    This morning I warched while audio components were put out for sale at a Value Village. Two Polk SDA-2’s, a pair of (wedge) Axiom bookshelves, a Denon AVR and JBL sub. The price tag was $34.99 for all of it. I asked if I paid that, can I just take the Polks? That was acceptable so I loaded...
  4. 62vauxhall

    Would BD139/140 driver transistors be compatible with MJ21194 as outputs?

    I dug into an old receiver again that I thought I got working well in 2017. It was doing OK before packing it up for my move in April but it fritzed as soon as I turned it on recently. Blew the main fuse and as near as I could tell, three resistors in one channel got hot, as in at least one...
  5. 62vauxhall

    STK 082 module - anybody got one to spare?

    Since there isn't really anywhere to go since moving where I did between two small cities, too many rainy days for motorcycle riding and no job to go to, I have been fiddling with stuff I brought with me. One an Akai AM-2650 integrated. I got in in working condition for someone wanting a...
  6. 62vauxhall

    I have need of a USB WiFi adaptor and know nothing about them

    The house I just moved into is remote enough that the service provider I was using in the BC Lower Mainland does not service the area. I just cancelled my service this morning. The home's owners are using a service called Penny Lane and internet conectivity is included in the rent. But to use...
  7. 62vauxhall

    More daylight today than yesterday

    Summer is just around the corner.
  8. 62vauxhall

    I must be a badass

    In one week I got two warnings from two other audio forums. First was AK and this morning, Vinyl Engine.
  9. 62vauxhall

    Proud of myself

    Backing out of a parking stall, I spotted someone unloading a pair of speakers to donate to the store I just visited. Curiosity made me pull back into the stall to have a look and ask the guy what they were. He pulled off a grille and said they were JBL L19's Studio Monitors and to take them...
  10. 62vauxhall

    OK for physical size difference of orig and new e-caps to be this big?

    Got this 1960's tube receiver and am replacing capacitors. I am aware that new capacitors will be physically smaller than old ones but this differential is, in my opinion, very big indeed. Is there cause for concern or should I be be looking for different, bigger replacements? FWIW, the...
  11. 62vauxhall

    Innovative Audio upcoming garage sale

    I just checked the IA website to see it they've posted the date for the next garage sale and it's Sunday June 16. Seems Bob Carver is making a return engagement as guest attraction.
  12. 62vauxhall

    FWIW La Scalla's in Maryland online auction

    Was browsing all the Maxsold auctions just because. Since there are Klipsch fans here, I thought I'd do my community duty and post a link. Fair bit of time remaining but as far as I know, no way to preview anything. I've bought a few things when the auctions were local but unfortunately...
  13. 62vauxhall

    A head assessment? Comments invited

    All the reel to reel talk made me post this. A few years ago I bought a Pioneer RT-707 from a local guy who fixes and sells R2R's. When I bought it, the heads were said to have some wear but were not bad. Just hauled the deck off the shelf to check the reverse sensing switch and clean the...
  14. 62vauxhall

    Non-audio LED voltage question

    I found a clamp on goose neck Ikea lamp for $1.99 that I thought would be good to use in conjunction with a turntable - sort of a spot light. It uses one of those Cree LED or something visually similar. No AC power adapter was with it but I thought I could cross that bridge with a little...
  15. 62vauxhall

    VD1222 device. Resistor?....Diode?

    Wanted to adjust the idle current of this Akai receiver I was given. Rotating the pots (they seem fine) had no effect. According to SM, the objective is 40mA (not mV) and I only get 20mA. It was suggested that these VD1222's are failure prone but how do you test them? Diode check function...
  16. 62vauxhall

    Long shaft pot

    I've been mulling over ideas for a replacement potentiometer to replace one where the shaft came out. I took the old one apart and thought I fixed it but no. Did generate a nice bright white light on the inside and some smoke though. What I need is: single gang, linear, 20K ohms with a long...
  17. 62vauxhall

    Subbing TO92 transistor for TO39?

    If, when searching for a replacement transistor in a TO39 package, a TO92 is suggested, is the package style going to make a difference? The TO39 in question is 2SA497 and the suggested TO92 is KSA1013. Since there is a complimentary TO39 - 2SC497 involved, presumably that would mean a KSA1013...
  18. 62vauxhall

    Old receiver - high DC offset - no manual/schematic - bias test point & voltage?

    Brought a Rolecor RTA-650 receiver home because it was old (circa 1968), heavy, cheap ($10) and the lights worked. DC offset is high 0.62 volts & 0.81 volts. Tuner works through headphones and (expendable) speakers. Wished to measure bias but found no specs, "how to" tips...
  19. 62vauxhall

    Resistor behavior

    This is not PL related but I've been trying to figure out why a 1 watt, 56 ohm wire wound resistor is heating up. It would be too hot to touch if I kept power applied. I pulled it from the circuit and it does measure about 56 ohms. There is the correct 24V going in to one end and around 13...
  20. 62vauxhall

    Video tapes - need a new home

    I'm going through things I need to get gone and have some video tapes for regulars here, if any, who might be able to use them. Don't want anything for them, just shipping. All or nothing and if any takers, I'll get a shipping cost if given a zip/postal code. PayPal or bank draft works for me...