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  1. mlucitt

    WOPL Builders

    I found this item for WOPL builders:
  2. mlucitt

    A Pretty Picture

    You know that in 15 minutes, there is going to be some serious Mach 10 happening.
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    What Do You Guys Think Of This?

    I have been trying to find decent RCA Phono Jacks to fit in the 1/2" holes of our PL and WOA chassis. Most of the 'good' RCA jacks (Cardas, Kimber, Neutrik) are 3/8" hole size. There are "audiophile" 1/2" jacks that cost $98.00-$125.00 each and there are Chineeeese imitation jacks that cost...
  4. mlucitt

    Here Is A Guy Doing PL400 Mods

    I stumbled on the World Pro Audio website today. Has anyone else seen this? He has an extensive mod to the PL400 (one originally assembled by our friend "Linda" at Phase Linear) Control Board and adding the White Oak Audio Bulk Capacitor Kit. I don't know if he realizes there is a new Control...
  5. mlucitt

    WOPL Building Tools

    I am attaching a list of tools I have found useful or necessary for building WOPL Amplifiers. For the builders out there (you know who you are) are there any corrections, deletions or additions you would make?
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    Fuse Holders

    To All, I was disassembling a PL700 recently ("tear down" and "gutting" are such strong words). I noticed a broken fuse holder and examined the item very carefully for the first time. These are the well-known Buss devices. Cooper Industries was an American worldwide electrical products...
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    Is This One Of Us?

    I was going to respond to this eBay posting, but I thought I would post here first: Phase Linear Repair And/Or Upgrade Discussion Document Hello?
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    PL700 Series II Lessons Learned

    My first foray into a complete rebuild of a PL700 Series II was quite a learning experience, I have been a PL700B guy until now. This rebuild included a new chassis, 120V/240V selector switch, WOA Backplane Kits, WOA Control Board Kit, WOA Cylon LED Board Kits, WOA bulk capacitors, new power...
  9. mlucitt

    Carver C-500 vs Phase Linear 400 Series II

    Has anyone looked at a Carver C-500 to see if it could benefit from a WOA backplane kit and new WOA Control Board. From the outside, the amps look very similar. I have not seen the inside of a Carver C-500. Anyone have any nudies? This one...
  10. mlucitt

    Who Has A Cabbage Case Near Florida?

    Looking to send a unit to WOPL Sniffer. Does anyone have a Cabbage case they are not now using and could you send it to me? I can send PayPal to you to cover shipping. Thanks! Mark Lucitt 4234 Lakeside Drive Jacksonville, FL 32210-3306 703-927-4133
  11. mlucitt

    A 700-Watt Amplifier Design, by Robert Carver

    Audio Magazine Volume 56 Number 2 February 1972 (25th year) It took me awhile to re-type this article I had to take photos of the embedded pictures and save the images into the file. Worth a read though. If anyone has an earlier (1970-1971) article on the PL700, I would like the link and be...
  12. mlucitt

    Anyone In The Dayton Area?

    Huge webcast auction of electronics coming up soon - 6/3/2020 10:00. Here is the link, catalog button available:
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    Some 700 Series II Questions

    Doing some research recently and found in the PL700II schematic, there are two Q110 transistors on the wall of outputs. Did that ever get resolved? Typo? Just curious. Also, I saw this modification in the references. I don't know the source. Has anyone thought about this or tried it? Finally...
  14. mlucitt

    Customer's PL400 WOPL Upgrade is a Repair

    Got a 1973 PL400 for a WOPL upgrade and then I found these "tweeks" that the owner forgot to mention: Does this mean we have a problem? How long do PS caps last in this configuration? Notice the driver transistor on the left, it let some smoke out from under the mica... Dang, a PL400C2...
  15. mlucitt

    Anyone Want Some K-horns?

    This is the best price I have seen in a while, just need to drive to Utah to get them...
  16. mlucitt

    WOPL Upgrade (Upgraded) For Sale

    This may be the first public sale of an upgraded WOPL. This guy took a Rev E WOPL and decided it was not good enough. I wonder if he will get his price? Lots of nice parts left in the junk pile...
  17. mlucitt

    Torque Spec for WOPL Backplane Transistors

    This information may be buried in an obscure post, but is there a consensus on the proper torque for the Output Transistor 6-32 Hex Socket Screws in the kit supplied by Joe? If the spec is in the instructions, I can't find it. This source
  18. mlucitt

    Hearing Aids...

    I have been told during a recent checkup (that included a hearing test) that I am a candidate for hearing aids in both ears. My Audiogram is not very pretty. In a perfect world it would be flat, showing no hearing loss across the frequency spectrum. Mine takes a dive at 3kHz and another dive at...
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    We are #4!

    In this article from April 12th 2019, "The 12 Most Significant Power Amplifiers of All Time" the PL400/PL700 came in at #4! The article is full of snobbery, but gives some valuable insights and history into how far we have come with power amps. Interestingly, the older the amp, the higher the...
  20. mlucitt

    What To Use Under The Power Transistors?

    I have heard it called Wakefield Compound, zinc oxide, silicone paste, or Dow Corning 340. Others use plain mica or Silipads. What do you use and why???