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  1. mr_rye89

    Thinkin' about a Denon DCD-600NE

    Well I got the ListenUp flyer this week, I always like looking at stereo gear I can't (or want to!) afford. But they were featuring the Denon DCD-600NE for $300. It has a BB PCM5142..... Or perhaps I should look...
  2. mr_rye89

    Mystery Speakers

    couldn't find a brand on these. 2 tweeters, 2 mids, 1 woofer and one passive? Cabinet is sealed.......
  3. mr_rye89

    Adcom GFA-555 Thread

    So we start with an Adcom GFA-555 power amp (a big 'un!). I've owned it since I was 10 or 11, used on and off for that time until 2014 I was adjusting the bias voltage or something like that and the probe slipped sending 80 vdc to the left speaker. FF to earlier this year I tested the...
  4. mr_rye89

    Marantz PMD-430 Record Speed Too Fast?!

    Well it records at a higher speed than it plays back and there's only one pot for motor speed. Already been thru the service/users manuals
  5. mr_rye89

    Hello All!

    Hello! Been lurking for a while, finally joined! Some of you may know me from TH, I go under the same name/horsehead there too.