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  1. JustMike

    The "People" responsible for the ultimate success of JBL.

    The people and History of the Loudspeaker . jM
  2. JustMike

    Uncommon Dunlap-Clarke Dreadnaught 500 Amp on Ebay

    Do any of you fellers remember these ? Handles look like PL's or BGW's, and the meters close to PL 400. ? Good looking amp. I kind of recall a 1000 Dreadnaught we called the Doctor Amp...
  3. JustMike

    Heads Up Vinyl Spinners................

    RECORD STORE DAY !! - 4/22/2017
  4. JustMike

    Dahlquist DQ-10 full system for sale on Ebay

    This is a hell of a good buy for a complete Dahlquist DQ10 system! Left and right panels, two low freq subs, stands, and the active crossover. All for an asking price of 800 bucks. The crossover alone (one of the best ever designed) sell for around 300 bills. You would have to spend at...
  5. JustMike

    Phase Linear prototype TS200 AMP??

    Today I had a chance to look at this little amp from the Phase stack I received . It appears to be a one -off build, possibly the prototype for the Pl200 series1 amp. The cage is all made from perf metal. Has a aluminum back and front panel. On the front lower left someone etched in: ReisE...
  6. JustMike

    Phase Linear 700B with Black Rack handles??

    I saw this Pl 700B amp on ebay the other day and was curious on how many were offered with Black Handles and Black Knobs ? It looks like a nice one but is this as rare as the seller says it is ? He claims its the real deal came this way from Bob:happy2: One of only two he has ever seen. Thanks...
  7. JustMike

    Dummy Loads for Pl 700's

    I see these on line for around 60.00 bucks. they say they are rated at 500watts @ 8 ohms. They are around 2" in diameter and maybe 12 to 18'' long. No heat sink? what do you guys think? As my signature says...........................
  8. JustMike

    Shpongles ????

    I see quite a few of you fellas on her speak highly of this band? I had never heard of them until I joined up. I'd like to buy one or two albums and give them a spin. Which album (s) do you recommend? And what is the best media for sound quality. I'd rather have Lp if they have released some...
  9. JustMike

    A couple of Rare Amps on Ebay, Check them out

    I just stumbled on these looking around. Anyone ever seen or better yet heard these?
  10. JustMike

    Hello Fella's

    Hello Fella's And thanks for letting me join your site. I lurked for awhile so decided it was time to join in. This place is the best. I'm an old PL owner along with way too much other stuff if that is possible. Bare with me with this computer workings, I'm kind of slow at it, but I hope to be a...