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    oldphaser (Ed) Builds Some Amps (Phase Linear & White Oak Audio)

    Back in the 80s when I did board level repairs for a living we used GC Print Kote Solvent 22-209. This did a great job in cleaning the flux off the boards. Active ingredient Toluene. Use in a well vented area. I am sure the low flux solder used today is easier to clean.
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    PL400 White Oak LED board

    Sadly not a mystery after you read TFM
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    PL400 White Oak LED board

    Thanks Joe, I'm sure I got it, but it was well over a year ago, and I couldn't find it.
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    PL400 White Oak LED board

    I have a WO 700B that is in my main system, that went down because of a bad power switch, while it was on the bench I had my PL400 S1 in my main system. I had ordered a 400 LED board from Joe a while back, never got around to installing it, well I fixed the 700B, and got the 400 on the bench...
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    My New Early Model PL400 w/ 4 Fin Heat Sink

    My PL700B cap had “Ruth” on a sticker
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    Toasted 400 still toast

    Great, keep posting as you work through the repair.
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    PL700 WOPLable?

    Welcome to the Phx boards Purple, lots of great info here, the WhiteOak upgrades are well worth the money and time.
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    Toasted 400 still toast

    Roccus, I hate to say it but Sniffer is right, if you have a broken amp, and post your issue here, you will get it fixed. Joe is the father of the WOPL, he only posts here for free to be kind, this is not factory lifetime support site. I understand your frustration, but keep in mind Joe is...
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    Phase Linear 3000 Ser II relay sub for the HB2E-DC24

    Mrflex65 joined Aug 2014, first post Oct 2018, welcome!! Dont be be shy around here, we are all friends.
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    My New Preamp!!

    Amazing, you will have to tell us all about it, seperate power chassis, batteries..? Wow
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    Phase Linear Prices

    Sure, Acurus 200wpc msrp $2,495 Or......Ayer VX-R twenty. $5495 and up
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    Happy Birthday Nav!!!

    How did I miss that, happy birthday Nav
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    Lot of Phase Linear, not my add

    I see 9 PL400s SI 1 PL400 SII 1 PL700 SI 1 PL700 first gen one eq, a few preamps. add said 30 pieces, so maybe more than the photo shows. Less than $200 per piece of Phase Linear glory.
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    Phase Linear Prices

    The value is there if you adjust for inflation If we assume a used PL400 avg selling price in 2017 is $400, in 1980 that would be $132. That $700 new price in 1980 would cost you $2,113 today. Looking around Crutchfield for a 200 watt per channel two channel amp, that $2,113 price is in the...
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    Lot of Phase Linear, not my add looks like mostly 400s, a couple of 700s near me but not my add.
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    Pioneer CT F750 broken pause key

    Didn’t want to come across as complaining about price of parts, just want to make sure the idler wheels are my problem before I drop the coin on them.
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    Pioneer CT F750 broken pause key

    I looked at Terry's web site, looks like to get the two rollers re-done it will cost $75. more than I paid for the deck :-( If I am sure the issue is the rollers I will most likely do it. It is a nice sounding deck, when the speed is correct.
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    Pioneer CT F750 broken pause key

    Looks like my wow problem is the roller. I swapped left and right "pinch arm assembly RXB155/RXB156" (different part numbers for left and right, however they look the same) and the problem is now with reverse playback instead of fwd playback. anyone have a source for new? rebuild?
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    Pioneer CT F750 broken pause key

    Yes, got service, user, and brochure.. thanks Lee
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    Pioneer CT F750 broken pause key

    Ask and answer on my own thread.... Buttons are all the same on the 750, Pioneer calls them a cap, part number RNK-762.