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  1. VSAT88

    Carver M 1.5t led on low power on rails

    Picked up a carver M-1.5 this last Saturday. Red led on the bottom left comes on at 60v AC. Showing 0.11 A on the ammeter and 5 v DC on both outputs all at 60v AC input from the Veriac. It only shows 12 v DC across the rails. I have installed the 40/80 Volt rail capacitor kit and have checked...
  2. VSAT88

    Excellent condition 700b and 4000 What do you think..

    I have my eye on a PL 700b and an 4000 preamp combo. Excellent condition both working fine. What do you guys think price wise ? I have already asked him if he would sell just the amp but he seems hesitant to do that.
  3. VSAT88

    Bypass caps power supply.

    So, I put four new 18,000uf caps in my B&K EX-442 amp the other day. I put some bypass caps across all four on the rectifier when I built my PL 400 as suggested by Lee. I am going to put in two new BR one on each board of the 442 and wanted to know what caps and where you would put them on the...
  4. VSAT88

    (No affiliation) Who knows one of you guys may want it. PL700 b for sale in Tupelo MS.
  5. VSAT88

    PL 700 solder point pulled away from control board

    On my PL 700 (original board) I have a detached solder trace. Not a real long piece but still. What have you guys been using to glue (probably not a good word ) fasten those back ? I know that I can simply put a longer wire up to the next point on the board but if there is a better way I would...
  6. VSAT88

    150.00 Bench Digital Volt Meter

    Gonna buy a "new" bench meter. Used, new no matter to me as long as it costs no more than 150.00 . Any out there that you guys use, used in the past or know of that are OK for this price. Please let me know what you think. I have found so far in and around that price a Fluke 45, a Tenma 72-410A...
  7. VSAT88

    Carver Equipment Van

    Check it out !
  8. VSAT88

    Granny got a new reel to reel.

    Sorry, saw this pic on Firefox Getpocket and could not help myself.
  9. VSAT88

    Sumo Diana LT Line and RT Line Non Polar Capacitor Suggestions Please

    Took the sumo down to clean the pots/switches and decided to go ahead and do a re cap while I was in. Ran into something I have not seen before. The four big caps in the center (blue rubycon) are 50V 47 uF non polar. C 104, C102, C 204 and C 202. I found some similar over at Mouser but I wanted...
  10. VSAT88

    Who pushed the re cap button ?

    A friends C2. You know, you really gotta love this shit to spend as much time as I do restoring one of these. The time alone is worth way more than this thing would ever sell for.
  11. VSAT88

    Goodby Doris Day.

    Goodbye to one of the golden era favorites. I remember listening to her sing as a boy and she had her show and movies as well. Do not remember much about that but her music is memorable to me as a child.
  12. VSAT88

    Just a FYI no hurry it seems...

    Wanted you to know Ed. Looks like they have plenty as of today. Have no idea if any of the other guys use these for your stock boards however they are what I order.
  13. VSAT88

    PL-700 OTW

    Heading to Suwanee Ga. In just a few to pick up a nice PL 700. Pictures to come. I am excited as hell I ain't gonna lie. I have been looking for one for a very long time that was affordable. $380.00 working in great shape. Hot Damn !
  14. VSAT88

    Snubber / Safety Capacitor for a B&K EX 442

    Howdy yall, quick question. My B&K EX-442 likes switches. Eats em right on up. I am not sure if I bought a bad switch from mouser but I am on my second one. the second one acts right but I would still like to see about putting a cap across it. I think it needs a snubber cap / safety cap across...
  15. VSAT88

    Pioneer 909 Capstain motor

    I have a friend who has a Pioneer 909 that needs a capstan motor. Anyone got one for sale ? Anyone here that rebuilds them ? anyone know how to source an aftermarket that will take its place ? Thanks Dudes !
  16. VSAT88

    B&K PRO 5 Preamp

    Looking for suggestions on a cheap but very well made Pre. that I would like to restore and possibly upgrade. I know for a fact that I would like to put an ALPs or other recommended volume pot in as the on in there does not track well and I can easily see that it is a pretty cheap one. I was...
  17. VSAT88

    Hang on to your Confederate dollars boys ! Kenwood C2 eBay sale

    Can you believe THIS ! I have one that I have restored to new or better than...
  18. VSAT88

    Lets start some $hit..

    Ain't seen so many new posts today so I thought I would start a bunch of crap. Here goes. As I read here and there I see a lot of recommendations as to what should be done and not done to vintage amplifiers. Yes I am sure that all of them over 30 years old should have new electrolytics installed...
  19. VSAT88

    Smoked lens PL 400 LED upgrade question.

    The PL 400 I have has the smoked lens on the meters. I kind of like the green or blue lights that some amps have better that the normal bulbs. Was thinking a kit from WO of course. They have two blues, diffused and bright if I recall correctly. How do I determine which of the two to order ? Do I...
  20. VSAT88

    Carver M 400 X3

    I have three of these boogers. One has been totally went thru top to bottom and sounds great. One powers up and sounds good, just fine until I start turning up the volume then it distorts in both channels. The third powers up and the bottom two lights come on with no output whatsoever. I listen...