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  1. J!m

    Oscilloscopes - Questions, Comments and WTF?

    I repair the HP compressor blades for the P&W F100-229... They still fly that engine (even the -220 is still flying!) We don't do the -220 but received a quote for coating restoration on the -220 variant. -229 blades are nearly double the size per stage. I also do the F-119 outer duct upgrade...
  2. J!m

    Custom made wood cases, new source?

    No Kenwood either... But they look WAY nicer than the originals!
  3. J!m

    New build for shop system

    3/4"? Not light. And flexy in a sheet that size. You will want help!
  4. J!m

    "Audiophile Speak" Terms & Definitions (a.k.a. Buzzwords)

    Is that the “good housekeeping” or “clean home” forum?
  5. J!m

    New build for shop system

    Just ride the dirt bike then.
  6. J!m

    NEW SHPONGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That happens when you eat the beer bottles...
  7. J!m

    RIP Charlie Daniels

    Never saw him live: but he helped bridge the gap between “country” and “pop” music. He will be missed!
  8. J!m

    High Resolution Portable Audio Anyone?

    Don’t forget Zarges and Halliburton. More for the “silver face” crowd.
  9. J!m

    New build for shop system

    Even during the end of days? If you have a license and insurance card for your truck, take the bus to HD and rent their truck for $20 for 45 minutes. I’ve rented it to get scaffolding from another company- they don’t care. Cheapest truck option.
  10. J!m

    High Resolution Portable Audio Anyone?

    I have a larger pelican with wheels, fold out handle and a “lid organizer” for my camera. Everything but the tripod and monopod fit in there. Good thing it has wheels... Pic of me in the Dogon region of North Africa in 2001 with the F-1...
  11. J!m

    Funny pictures...

  12. J!m

    Sony CDP-2700 anyone?

    Yeah, being Sony and pro, laser parts are available. I think if it was less expensive I’d grab it. Otherwise, I think I’ll pass. I have the Theta transport, the Alesis and a Tascam twin-drive (one play; one record/play) I think I’m good unless a screaming deal comes along.
  13. J!m

    High Resolution Portable Audio Anyone?

    Congrats Bob! Since I’m good at spending The money of others, you may consider a small Pelican case for the player and cards, so everything is safe. A bit bigger and add the amp too. Harbor freight has a knock-off that is supposedly decent but I haven’t checked them out myself yet.
  14. J!m

    what are you listening to?

    This is out there, but really good. Some of you might recognize the bass player... drummer is Carlos Santana’s wife. John Medeski on Hammond etc.
  15. J!m

    Problem w/Teac A 3300S

    Pratt & Whitney have production in Poland... They can do it well.
  16. J!m

    Funny pictures...

    Better than Phil... Who looks strikingly similar to this guy:
  17. J!m

    Funny pictures...

    The look... and whoever that is looks like Mick Hucknel
  18. J!m

    Funny pictures...

  19. J!m

    TDK GOLD cassette WTF? Anyone know about this ?

    The tapes had a plastic anti-rotation thing stuck through the two hubs. That threw me as well the first time I saw it...
  20. J!m

    TDK GOLD cassette WTF? Anyone know about this ?

    Well, Sam, they (TDK) did make these, in my opinion. Why, I'm not sure. Possibly sales awards or something like that. They were not offered to the public (at least, I've never seen one when tapes were around) but I have seen several examples of these gold tapes, with various detail changes (TDK...