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  1. 62vauxhall

    "Audiophile Speak" Terms & Definitions (a.k.a. Buzzwords)

    Someone on AK wants to be told the Sound Signature of some speakers. With such an extensive menu of metaphores, it would seem posh as heck to cut & paste a dozen or so as a reply for each one. I didn't see Bouncy on the list. Wouldn't bouncy fit something? Like other than turntables?
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    In Canada, it looks like a Rigol DS1052E can be had for $400 shipped. But I got the impression the model is end of life. I realize a case can be made for a brand new piece of equipmant but a nonessential $400 expense is not welcome in my circumstances. I quit my job to move here and income is...
  3. 62vauxhall


    Although I would likely use it infrequently, I have been intermittantly checking oscilloscope ads for a couple of years. Reading threads like this rekindles the interest. Since my recent move to a rural area, such ads are few. CL is all but nonexistent but FB Marketplace is viable. At...
  4. 62vauxhall


    A Dutch auction. Knock down the price each week until somebody buys it.
  5. 62vauxhall

    STK 082 module - anybody got one to spare?

    Aaaaand....false alarm. The STK 082 module is good after all. Repeatedly tapping the board would bring the dead channel back, make loud noises and kill the channel not necessarlily in that order. Made me think something else was afoot. My attention was drawn to a capacitor. Seems I...
  6. 62vauxhall

    J.A. Michell Prisma restoration

    For what you get, that's expensive. Last year I ordered one of same for an SME headshell. It seemed like dozens of Chinese vendors (or the same one dozens of times) were offering those on E-bay for two or three bucks and same for shipping. I've still yet to install mine - still in the...
  7. 62vauxhall

    STK 082 module - anybody got one to spare?

    Since there isn't really anywhere to go since moving where I did between two small cities, too many rainy days for motorcycle riding and no job to go to, I have been fiddling with stuff I brought with me. One an Akai AM-2650 integrated. I got in in working condition for someone wanting a...
  8. 62vauxhall

    HELP! PL400 crackling/static

    If you have a de-soldering tool, there is no need to do so but have you ever tried a flux pen with solder wick? That seems to substatially reduce the time a hot tip is in contact with a connection. Might be just plain luck but (touch wood) since using that method I haven't lifted a pad or...
  9. 62vauxhall

    what are you listening to?

    I have trouble even playing an album if her name is on it.
  10. 62vauxhall

    2000 volume control, on/off switch

    Likely unrelated but something similar is present in both mine and an acquaintence's Hafler DH-101. I only noticed it when sitting on the floor near a speaker with volume all the way down and an LP was playing. The acquaintance never noticed it at all until I pointed it out and he had his...
  11. 62vauxhall

    this is weird

    Wonder if there'll be a post here soon like "How do I restore this thing?"
  12. 62vauxhall

    A Tape Surprise

    Sony marketed those cassettetes for quite a while so not crap. I used Sony HF C60's for tape for a month's long transfering project in the 1980's with good results. I've seen multiple styles of packaging graphics over the years but not the one in the photo.
  13. 62vauxhall

    Can My Zerostat Be Repaired?

    Lately I've been relying on JB Weld. It's worked so far on whatever I used it for - metal, plastic, glass, plastic to metal, wood to metal. And any excess is easily Dremel'd off.
  14. 62vauxhall

    what are you listening to?

    There's been an Empire 2000 EIII on it for the past few months. Several others are mounted on compatible headshells but no urge to change.
  15. 62vauxhall

    what are you listening to?

    Yes, got it from Nick - a trade I made. He got a Dual 701, Garrard Zero 100, JVC QL-A2, Toshiba SR-F255 (with a brand new lid) and a CEC (branded Electra) BD2000. All working and all with good cartridges. I felt I had too many tables and a quick trade of 5 for 1 made sense. Swapping out...
  16. 62vauxhall

    what are you listening to?

    Yes, a Miracord 10. Now a 10H since a motor transplant and might be my oldest turntable 1962/1963. There are two first edition Dual 1009's on hand from the same era but the chrome arm of that Elac make it the funkiest looking. That prompted me to get it going first.
  17. 62vauxhall

    New build for shop system

    And I've seen your lawn. It's a big 'un.
  18. 62vauxhall

    this is weird

    A twenty fin 400.
  19. 62vauxhall

    Just bought a Soundcraftsman ae 2000..

    Or each track in some cases.
  20. 62vauxhall

    what are you listening to?

    After two weeks or so with a Pio PL-630, I put a changer back together to listen to fast spinners. Some blues and Buddy Knox, Jim Lowe, Chuck Berry for a start.