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  1. Lazarus Short


    That is one hungry eagle...
  2. Lazarus Short

    Just found you guys

  3. Lazarus Short


    I have - no more barefoot in the dark for me.
  4. Lazarus Short


    The other day, I stubbed the toes of my right foot on a box I only thought was far enough out of the way. The next day, I went downstairs to close the blinds in the den, and I glided back towards the in the dark. I misjudged how close I was to the fireplace...and to the...
  5. Lazarus Short

    Dual...Sometimes Twice the Hassle

    Wish me luck! I put a dial caliper to both arm tubes, and they are the same diameter. Further, both headshells attach the same way. So...I pulled the headshell and wires off the other Dual (a 1258) and now for the hard part: transferring it to the CS 627Q.
  6. Lazarus Short

    Dual...Sometimes Twice the Hassle

    Here's another option: I have another Dual with a ULM arm, and it is not really worth fixing up, but it does have a slightly different version of the headshell/cartridge as the CS 627Q. I wonder if I could pull the entire assembly off one arm, and put it on the other...
  7. Lazarus Short

    Dual...Sometimes Twice the Hassle

    Marco, thanks for the quick response! The ebay ad specifies that their adapter is not suited for the CS 627 Q. They also state that a slight modification may make it work, but I don't really care to spend that much coin and then try a risky mod. Anyway, I had already seen their ad. I am...
  8. Lazarus Short

    Dual...Sometimes Twice the Hassle

    Months ago, I was given a Dual CS 627Q. The lift mech is frozen, but I can deal with that. The second of the "dual" problems is that the Ortofon cartridge is integrated with a plastic piece that locks into the headshell. The cartridge was broken off, but a bit of super glue fixed it. The...
  9. Lazarus Short

    Ah gee! They're makin a liar of your mama again...

    It seems salads are now your enemy. Who would have thought?
  10. Lazarus Short

    My intro.

    I went to cassettes after a nasty experience with a Wollensak R2R, and never looked back. Anyway, welcome!
  11. Lazarus Short

    What group?!?!

    The "C" Team? Naked, at that.
  12. Lazarus Short

    New Member from northern Minnesota

    You know you're in Minnesota when you see short electrical cords hanging out of all the car and truck grilles...
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    New Member from northern Minnesota

    I used to own a PL 2000, but I foolishly sold it.
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    New Member from northern Minnesota

    Anyway...welcome. BTW, don't look to me for PL help, as I don't own any PL gear. Laz is one of the oddballs here.
  15. Lazarus Short

    New Member from northern Minnesota

    Minnesota? I'm reminded of what Garrison Keillor said was the traditional Minnesota greeting: "'s you."
  16. Lazarus Short


    I know it sounds different - my Arcam amp walks all over it...
  17. Lazarus Short

    Camp Fire - Paradise

    She was wise to take the northern route.
  18. Lazarus Short

    My New Preamp!!

    Ah, yes...the ultimate source of all high-quality cables.