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    Ah gee! They're makin a liar of your mama again...

    Have to add Del Monte canned corn to that, in CT as well...I'm telling you Ron, only whiskey.
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    Ah gee! They're makin a liar of your mama again...

    More vegetables voluntarily recalled due to fears of E. Coli... The recall involves a California companies shipments to NY, NJ and CONNECTICUT. That means you'll be safe Ron if you stick...
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    Utah implements first .05 BAC law in nation, don't rip-roar in Salt Lake! The law takes effect December 30.
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    My intro.

    I'm the one that harvests stuff off the hard drives of the old computers I find and I have a ton of media files and such from that...although finding Baby Beethoven and misogynistic rap on the same girls' computer is really strange (thank goodness her hubby's er FILMS, weren't readable).
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    (Who's in the strawberry patch with Sally?)...

    (Who's in the strawberry patch with Sally?)...
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    And a CD of Tony Orlando and Dawn.

    And a CD of Tony Orlando and Dawn.
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    Send more Monkees records, mine are worn out.

    Send more Monkees records, mine are worn out.
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    Breaking news...Ammon Bundy reported in custody, militants fail to appear in John Day

    Following up, Ammon Bundy recently said he's through with the whole patriot thing over his views on Trump or something. I forget where I saw it now but it's ironic, don't you think?
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    Jazz legend Nancy Wilson has died at 81... The 'other' Nancy Wilson if you knew the band Heart first, and a legendary jazz torch singer whose 1960s albums included a popular collaboration with Cannonball Addderly and performing with Ramsey Lewis. She was married twice, despite the...
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    Gasoline prices dropping

    When I checked earlier today the lowest price in my are was $2.79 and most if not all were below $2.90, Love's Travel Plaza and Pilot Travel Centers' lowest prices were cash. Oregon's lowest price was $2.41 and the average was $3.01, which would probably reflect the fact that most of the dealers...
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    Well over a month or two with XenForo now...

    Once again, THANK YOU Lee and Jerry, this has been everything I knew it could be and if it's possible, Phoenix kicks ass even more!
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    My intro.

    I had various people telling me it was above my pay grade. Also I haven't figured out how the hell to get it apart without making a huge muck of it. I've had it explained, but no, it hasn't come to me. The last repairman I had retired before I got it, his diabetes *likely his meds forced an...
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    What group?!?!

    All I know is they must love Flamin' Hot Cheetos.
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    My intro.

    Well, yeah, but it's a tiny house and the Pioneers, Sony and one Teac need to be serviced. The 3300 developed some kind of transformer problem (delamination? That and every Advent 201 I ever owned started to SING).
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    My intro.

    I have two Teac A-2340s (one has a reel table to install) and I used to have a 3300-10T. I also have a Revox A-77, Sansui SD-5050, Pioneer RT-707 and 909. There is a Sony TC-230 in the shed, and I've owned a couple-three Akais including GX-636, one tubed Roberts equivalent and one with the...
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    Firefox 57 "Quantum" is out now, anybody using it with Windows other than me?

    If you'd like to read about the changes, see
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    Firefox 57 "Quantum" is out now, anybody using it with Windows other than me?

    Firefox has just updated to 64.0 and I either didn't have to go back into settings or it was agnostic about that.
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    It's getting late...

    I got around to trying out You Tube before bed, Rock With You - Michael Jackson, America - Neil Diamond and the Staples' Easy Button sound from one of my saved lists :) Onboard audio and video worked great. I finally got to sleep again around 6:30 after waking at sometime after 2 am and...
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    It's getting late...

    I'm out of DVD-Rs or it would be a snap to just install 18.3 in 64 AND 32 bit versions.
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    It's getting late...

    Upgrading to 18.3 Sylvia after a nap.