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    Thorens Launches "New Reference" Turntable

    To the comment police.... No Comment!
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    Thorens Launches "New Reference" Turntable

    Pretty much IMHO they are all ugly and not something I'd want to look at or use. 4 tonearms seem a bit too much, all my tables [ AR-XA, Garrard Lab 80, Pioneer PL-12D, Yamaha PX-3 only have one arm each and work just fine that way.
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    New vinyl; still noisy

    Why You Should Clean New Vinyl Records - Sound Matters (
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    Probably not going there myself, I don't spend a lot of time worrying if the tubes are failing since most will last a couple of thousand hours.
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    what are you listening to?

    Good chance the wailing guitar you enjoying is Duane Allman. Duane Allman's isolated guitar on Eric Clapton song 'Layla' (
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    Compressed AIR???

    It always gets me that they call this type of death accidental, finding someone with half a dozen different types of drugs, intentionally using inhalants not meant to be inhaled and all the other crap someone believes will get them off. It ain't accidental if your doing it on purpose, at least...
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    Ahmad Jamal, innovative and influential jazz pianist, dies at 92

    Extreme talent, great loss for the music world.
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    Funny pictures...

    Life is like a Warner Brothers cartoon, sometimes you're the Roadrunner, sometimes you're the Coyote...
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    Show Off Your Linear-Tracking Turntables

    I love my PX-3 it sounds wonderful and just fun to watch it work. Still using the original cart, what do you have in yours?
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    Congrats for Brian May

    Brian May receives knighthood - Search ( Brian May - Wikipedia
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    Horn upgrade on K-horns

    Beautiful work there.
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    New Music and Music Genres

    That was interesting and very cool.
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    David Lindley, Multi-Instrumentalist With Jackson Browne’s Band, Dies

    Massive talent, multi-instrumentalist that will be greatly missed. He had a wonderful sense of humor also, I read he could imitate Jimmy Stewart to a T.
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    what are you listening to?

    Just stick your head out the window to see.
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    Happy Birthday

    Warm birthday wishes for you from SoCal, hope you have an excellent day.
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    Happy Birthday nakdoc and Phase Linear Phanatic

    As long as you keep showing up here, you'll never age. Hope your day was great and the night even better.
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    Happy Birthday Wheel-right

    I need to have more birthdays.... My first NavLinear pic Awesome!
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    Happy Birthday Wheel-right

    Thank again everyone, birthdays are good cause it means I'm still upright and breathing.
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    Inexpensive Record Flattening Machine

    Maybe one of the pizza delivery warming bags might work? Probably cheaper too. Unfortunately, when vinyl warps it stretches and will not go back to being what it once was.
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    Happy Birthday Wheel-right

    Thank you for the good wishes and enjoy that beer WOPL Sniffer. Hope everyone has a great day.