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  1. 8991XJ

    DiversiTech E.V.A. Anti-Vibration Pad

    Now you have ruined it for those with fancy prose in their ads calling these audiophile isolation blocks and selling em for considerably more depending on the audiophile operation. Got those under my HVAC unit and know where to get them for cheap if needed. I have some Herbies stuff a friend...
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    Big bang for the buck audio rack

    They got 30 pages of choices got a model number, direct link, copied picture or something?
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    Under your equipment

    This is odd but I get the blackest background with the whitest precipitation covering the house and neighborhood to the point of no one is out and about. What is under the gear doesn't make anywhere near as much difference.
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    Linda rondstat on CNN right now!

    Again Sat 1/4/20 at 9 and midnight ET, CNN for those that care.
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    Linda rondstat on CNN right now!

    In from the start.
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    Variacs N Stuff

    Some I have grabbed shots of off the web. Thought these were cool but the OPs double meter with A or W option is slick, too.
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    The Phoenix Christmas CDs are in the ride.

    Glad we have these, old and new, to enjoy this season. Thanks for all the work.
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    Goodbye, Needledoctor

    Don't know how much inventory there really was. Sure enough to provide for a physical location but some have thought their prices and delivery times a bit longer than others. This due to the fact that they did not stock some of the more expensive items. Seems one could make good money in...
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    The Phoenix Christmas CDs are in the ride.

    Now that if funny.
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    The Phoenix Christmas CDs are in the ride.

    Just before Halloween I swapped the discpack in the car and in went the two Phoenix Christmas CDs. Seems the national news was talking about getting started on shopping and many places are going early this year because there are 6 fewer days between Thanksgiving and Christmas so we good sell...
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    ? - Speaker hook up

    Problems, if the amp can not handle low impedance and both sets are played at the same time could be an issue If the deadheaded wires touch + to - or even worse Left to Right then the amp smokes. I have dual outputs without a switch on an amp and I have two sets of wires hooked up. I am...
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    2019 Union Pacific Big Boy Steam Engine Schedule

    It ain't ol anymore: They are getting the word out with an article in a recent Pop Mechanics.
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    Weller WE1010 or Hakko?

    Sometimes he chisel tip is flat on one side the screwdriver tips are flat on both sides. They also has Flat One Side tips. Doesn't seem to make sense their naming.
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    Weller WE1010 or Hakko?

    That looks like a great price from Tequipment. I have a Weller that uses the ET series of tips and have the ETA tip in the iron most of the time. I have an ETC for a large tip to put more heat on huge joints or connections that have a enough metal to be a serious sink. I was soldering...
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    700B submerged in 6” of water....hmmmmm...

    now if it was just the heat sinks, I would have thought it was done by design, but the heavy side down isn't right. Hope the transformer is no damaged.
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    Who pushed the re cap button ?

    absolutely. The pins need to be cleaned and the slider needs to be cleaned and shooting crap in there isn't the answer. Yamaha has a pile of these in their gear, too. Did my C-4 and a commissioned CA-1010. I'm not afraid of them and with a good soldering iron (temperature controlled) it is...
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    Oscilloscopes - Questions, Comments and WTF?

    Dang a homework assignment!!
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    OK for physical size difference of orig and new e-caps to be this big?

    Most excellent, I have learned enough to type one sentence that is pretty much the same thing one of the respected voices would say. If the voltage is the same or higher it shouldn't overheat, but if there is a concern you can up the voltage and get a more comfortable feeling.
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    OK for physical size difference of orig and new e-caps to be this big?

    Well if you get the cheaper radial caps they are that small. I would expect the radial caps to be smaller, too but maybe not that small. If the voltage is the same or higher and the capacitance is the same they will work just as well as the design needs, better than the originals, caps are...
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    Does Anyone Have Any BNC Cables or Connectors?

    I really like the quality of the MDP, not knowing that is what they are named. Came with my first amp in 74 and are what I prefer. Tried some of that chinese crap, grub screw was not fully threaded and the extended tip. Put a wire in the banana and the set screw would not reach the threads...