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    WOPL update for PL400

    I'm beginning a WOPL update for this old PL400 (and before I get it in the ear from WOPL Sniffer about why I didn't do it for a PL700, it's because I choose to ;-) ). This one is just starting to suffer from corrosion on all the hardware and the transformer, so first step is to tear it apart...
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    Phase Linear 400 Meter needed

    I'm in need of a VU meter for my PL400 series 1 - 4 fin version. Lights are on the bottom. I'm willing to pay a reasonable price including shipment. Let me know if you have one you're willing to part with. Thanks!
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    Phase Linear 4000 Restoration

    I recently purchased this actual PL 4000 and am trying to restore it. The unit has a PL30 in place of the PL03 Tone Amp board and no Decoder board PL06 as shown in the photo, the white wires running from the PL30 to the socket of the PL06. Does anyone have information on this modification? This...