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  1. bill7621

    Tim Conway.

    And now it's Tim Conways turn to leave us. I used to watch him on the Carol Burnett Show with Harvey Korman. I've never seen anybody as funny as those two together. RIP Tim. You've earned it!
  2. bill7621

    Happy Birthday Perry

    Happy Birthday old fart.:occasion6: Now go out, get shitfaced, and sniff some wopls!
  3. bill7621

    Technics SL-110A Turntable

    I have a chance to buy a Technics Turntable. SL-110A with an SME tonearm. IT works and is in pretty nice cosmetic shape. I need another turntable like a hole in the head, but I can have this one for $300. Go for it or not.
  4. bill7621

    Duh moments

    I had a Duh moment earlier. Actually it was a duh few hours. I was listening to the David Gilmoure's About Face and noticed a noise throughout the first side. Sort of a ka-thum, ka-thum, ka-thum. Constant and about every revolution. It sounded like the needle was stuck in the very last lead-out...
  5. bill7621

    An Introduction

    I guess this is the place to put this...looks good to me. Anyhow, when I joined Phoenix back in Jan., my interest was rekindled in Phase Linear amps. They were great back in the day and after reading a lot here I found that now they were even better...much better. Somewhere I saw a picture of...
  6. bill7621

    Tree Repair

    I have a tree that is splitting where it branches out. It's really windy here. Our house is on a hill and is surrounded by open fields so it gets quite windy here with little to break the wind. Becky and I actually started to call or place "Windhill". Anyhow, if the tree splits we'll end up...
  7. bill7621

    DBX 200X or 400X program route selector

    I'm just wondering what the difference is between the two models. It looks like they are the same except the 400X has pretty lights. So which one is better to have? Or are they a waste of money?
  8. bill7621

    I'm brand new.

    Hello, my name is Gary and I'm brand new here and thought I'd say Hi. I'm recently retired form an electric utility in N.E. Ohio. My interests are model railroading, photography, guns, and whatever else grabs my music. I'd prefer to listen to a good album over watching TV any...