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  1. The Rebel

    PL700II blues

    I have a PL700 Series Two, that I bought from a gear buddy of mine, that is having output issues. Back story goes like this; He bought two original 700IIs loooong ago and played them for years until he sold them to a gear buddy of his that bought them, played them for a while until he didn't...
  2. The Rebel

    Weller WE1010 or Hakko?

    Looking at the Weller WE1010NA soldering station. Anyone here using this station here? Any pros or cons that I need to be aware of? TiA. What is the most common tip I need to use doing PCB work?
  3. The Rebel

    AB International 9220 amp latch up issues

    I know this isn't a common amp to work on, but I am grasping at straws for a heads up on doing a latch test on the left channel on my amp. Typical story where it was working fine the last time it was played, then go to put it back in the system and the left channel is shooting sparks off the...
  4. The Rebel

    Any Soundcraftsmen nuts in here?

    Hi all, I've been working on some Soundcraftsmen gear of mine the last few days and ran into a need for a slider for a PE-2217-R EQ/Preamp. I know there are some SC guys in here from some of the posts, anyone have a spare slider for sale? I've also got a couple shoe box amps that I want to...
  5. The Rebel

    C-1 or PL2000

    Hi, I need some insight from the PL2000 users that also know the Carver C-1 as well. I'm working on a PL400 amp for a second system that I'll be powering a pair of CV 313s , 12" 3 ways with. I've always liked the looks, and size of the PL2000 pre-amp, although I haven't owned one, or used one...
  6. The Rebel

    Hello from down in 'Sippi

    Hi all, just joined the group after buying my first piece of PL audio equipment, an early 4 fin PL 400. I want to get it sorted and give it a few test drives before I dive into a full WOPL conversion. I know I want new filter caps, and a wattsabundant DC protection board to get it back into...
  7. The Rebel

    PL 400 outputs and other nice things to look at

    Howdy from the deep south, US of A. I'm new to the board, so take it easy on me until I start to really screw things up. :D Here's the front story. I just picked up a fairly nice early PL 400 for a song. Guy says one channel didn't work and one meter didn't work. He was scared of it, and...