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  1. FredR

    Perry's amps

    Just looking inside one of the amps I bought from Perry a few years ago. Talk about Mil-Spec start to finish! Perry, you are the master!
  2. FredR

    Phase Linear 400 & 700 Family

    Acquired 2013 to 2017. Half are WOPL'd. Half are in line for WOPLing.
  3. FredR


    Speaking with a good friend today. She recommended Amplifiers Anonymous. :)
  4. FredR

    Control board

    Hi Ed, Playing around with a full comp 400 series II. Amp is working fine. Are there any component replacements on the control board I should do? Or leave well enough alone? Photo attached. Thanks, Fred
  5. FredR

    400 Series II (standard) repair

    I have 5 or 6 unconverted amps in the closet so thought I'd play around with one to see if I could get it going non-WOPL mode. First thing I noticed was repair work replaced all the outputs on the left side of the amp and all the emitter resistors as well. With ceramic. Then I noticed that each...
  6. FredR

    All 4 Rail Fuses go Nucular

    All 4 Rail Fuses go Nuclear Really gotta watch that gain a little more closely. Eight amp rail fuses zapped. :lol: No damage to 9Kappa woofers. Not so sure about ears. :smile:
  7. FredR

    3-500Z Toobs!

    For 2 kilowatt ham linear amp!
  8. FredR

    P straps

    Anybody got a source for the p straps that hold the bias 2N5088 in place? Edit: Really looking for commercial source if one is available. Also, this probably should to moved to WOPL Tips.
  9. FredR

    Forever Young Records Remains Closed After Storm Damage

    This is bad:
  10. FredR

    700 Series II with 700B transformer

    No idea if this is common or not. Chassis looks a bit short, maybe 3/16 or so. I'm guessing the backplanes will not fit.
  11. FredR

    Carver AV-705x

    Not designed by Bob Carver, but interesting. Did a number of upgrades to this. New panel mounted RCA jacks. Original PCB mounted jacks tend to fail when used with high end very tight RCA cables. All 5 on this amp were destroyed. Replaced all 5 relays, one on each amp board. Strange white...
  12. FredR

    Breaker 1-9 / Breaker, Breaker / CB is coming back

    Ham operator myself, but gotta love the old CB days!
  13. FredR

    700 Series II Conversion

    I've had a SII sitting in the closet with a bent chassis. Got one of Joe's new replacement chassis and all his new goodies. Here is a short photo essay:
  14. FredR

    Fred's "my wife thinks I'm crazy" 700B conversion

    Had so much fun doing 400s I figured a 700B was in order. Chassis is ready. On to the backplanes. Edit 10/12/14: This thread is for the guys (or gals?) that are interested in trying to do a WOPL mod themselves. It's doable assuming you are able to: 1) solder without mucking things up (temp...
  15. FredR

    Geppetto's at DFW Airport

    Rushed in but alas, no WOPL kits.
  16. FredR

    Adcom GFA-565 Monoblock

    Anybody have experience fixing the leaky driver board caps on these amps?
  17. FredR

    PL400 Backplane Rev B

    Spent most of the long July 4th weekend doing another 400 conversion, this one using Joe's new Rev B backplane with the cool new socket cups. Congratulations to Joe on doing it yet again. Rev B is just outstanding. Fred.
  18. FredR

    Fred's WOPL Project

    Thanks to Joe and Lee for all the help in getting my dual WOPLs going. Bi-amped into a pair of Infinity Kappa 9s. In good company with an 1865 Steinway baby grand. Fred.