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    The Bronx Bull dead at 95

    Jake LaMotta died Sept 20 at the age of 95, he was the Middle weight Champ of the world and fought Sugar Ray Robinson 6 times, he was quoated saying that he fought Sugar Ray so many times he should have got Diabetes. The Movie of his Life Raging Bull starred Robert DiNiro Joe Peci and Katherine...
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    Mannix Passes

    Mike Connors passes at 91
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    Cubs Win The Pennant in 6
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    Arnold Palmer

    Arnold Palmer Dies at the age of 87 I don't believe in Hero Worship Arnold Palmer would be an exception..RIP
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    Anybody out there trustworthy to work on Nakamichi decks

    need a little TLC on my C5A
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    Gordie Howe

    The Greatest Player to ever put on a Pair of Skates Died June 10 2016. He was smooth, slick, powerful and a Super tough SOB, RIP Gordie
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    Maureen O'Hara

    Mmaureen O'Hara Maureen O'Hara Dies at the age 0f 95 Born Ranelagh ireland, Starred in many of John Fords Epics along with John Wayne
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    Anybody into Gotham

    pretty interesting as it's Pre Batman
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    Parts is Parts

    Trying to help my local Tech find some other resources for replacement parts for Rebuilds. I'm not sure what he needs but I thought I'd throw the question out here (he's got my Yammie back and needs some other sources for replacement parts)
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    Lauren Bacall Dies at 89

    Certainly one of the most iconic actresses of her time Lauren Bacall has passed at 89 Personally I never miss a Bogie/Bacall Movie when on the tube,,,Rest in Peace Slim
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    Pioneer 1010 Speakers

    A few years ago i had an outside chance to acquire a Pair of Pioneer 1010s My understanding is these were Holy Grail and hard to find, I got tired of waiting and found a pair of Marantz Imperials to Restore. The other day I was contacted by Harley Man the guy who used to do some heavy repair and...
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    The Kid Got it Done

    Just want to give a shout out to my Son who after 16 years of study and hard work was awarded a World Ranking as A Black Belt In Brazillian Ju-Jitsu ,,the belt was Presented to him in a Ceremony at his School In Des Plaines Illinois By no other than Romero Cavalcanti the last Man ever awarded a...
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    Need some help on a Music search

    Ok heres a tough one,,,,I won,t take the time to bore you guys with details but suffice to say this is Important,,,I,m looking to help someone replace some music that was lost when their house burned down,,,The first request is easy some CDs by Frank Sinatra I can fill that one myself but if any...
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    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Wolfgang
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    Avatar Change

    My new Avatar Really kicks Ass :cheers: :cheers: Thanks
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    Somebody said it,s your Birthday ,,if it is I got something for you
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    Hey Guys!!!!!!!!

    best way to meet people is to Post
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    How to start buying shares in the stock market?

    I think land is still the safest investment,,,plus you can build and stock a fallout shelter on it,,I,d invest in Ammunition,,when the shit hits the fan you,ll be using it for money,,,,,FYI this being an Audio Sight you,ll get some different opinions But not a lot of expert advice,,enjoy the Forum
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    My Doc wants to do a system for her office,,she has 3 rooms and wants to be able to put sound into each of them ,,A reciever and a Cd Player will do the trick for music and I,m sure I can come up with some Satelite speaks,,( a little help would be good as I don,t know about Minis) what I need is...
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    Carroll Shelby

    Carroll Shelby Dead at 89,,,Automotive Legend and Creator of the AC Cobra and Mustang bodied GTs ,,,I met the great man when I was a manager at a Ford Agency in Chicago ,We were one of only 3 Authorized Shelby Dealers,,,I drove a lot of Shelbys and had a GT500 as a Demo,,,and admit to borrowing...