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  1. stuwee

    Areosmith tour van found and restored on 'American Pickers last year Score!!!!!! Not sure if this was brought up before but, what fun! The band even brought up how they packed the van floor to ceiling with the tour amps...I assume the...
  2. stuwee

    Alexa, Echo little dot as a digital source DAC?

    I bought a dragonfly for a DAC to the stereo to source and not happy with the sound, gives me the fexibiltity as the computer as a source
  3. stuwee

    Review: Alan Parsons Project ~ "Eye 2 Eye"

    OK, not new, 2010 or so, I'd never heard of it tho. Great playlist for the masses mass appeal, left off a few I would've loved to hear at this show, the band being Alan's Project guys and in great form. SQ is better than I expected from a live show, kudo's to the guy manning the board...
  4. stuwee

    Aussie Bride puts it to the groom just before the wedding! WoW!!

    Seriously, good for her,’s-cheating-related-texts-aloud-at-her-wedding-goes-viral/ar-BBPMw0h?ocid=spartandhp . I'd have done something much worse :-x
  5. stuwee

    The Tesla Semi rig

    Very neatoo!!
  6. stuwee

    Laz would ya like this?

    I found a couple of these, and thought of you. PM me your addy and I get one out to ya soon, free of course!
  7. stuwee

    Another reason Hip Hop music is bad for your health, floor collapse at party in SC

    'nuff said... Anyone remember that collapse in KC at the Hyatt back in the 80's?
  8. stuwee

    For you car fiends, 1 of 8 '69 Mustang convertible Some folks have all the luck... Woof!!
  9. stuwee

    Assesment of our Humble PACF forums

    I misstyped in a search, and this link popped up, thought I'd share...
  10. stuwee

    Now we have Sergio

    Super nice in the desert today, high of 64F and heavy rain, it's taking a break at the moment. Hurricane Sergio is way out in the Pacific, it's gonna hook back over SoCal and the Baja, then up right over Tucson, since Phoenix hogged most of Rosa last week, it's my turn for more nice rain...
  11. stuwee

    Fairchild 750, hey Jim!

    Begs the question why from the tonearm stand point :p, though all that mass must have some kind of benefit. Interesting head shell. Would look awesome in a mid-century home :king:
  12. stuwee

    Teen takes driving test in a Bugatti Chiron And the tester acted like she was getting into a Toyota for cryin' out loud! Lady you just parked you big ass in a 3 million dollar custom super ride, I wish he...
  13. stuwee

    HDMI into RCA cable

    My new hp notebook would like to be part of my stereo. I lost the manual, there are three ports on the hp, no markings saying or looking like an audio out. Is it ok to just random try them, I don't want to blow my nice preamp? I need more than the standard 1.5m/5ft cable, no one seems to make 6'...
  14. stuwee

    For you Leester...

    Nice talkin' to ya this morning buddy, thought ya might enjoy this, , and everyone else as well :tongue5:
  15. stuwee

    The Denon DVD 1920 player

    Hi back at ya's! The Onix went poop last year, I had a p o crap RCA DVD player for music duty last year when Lee and Jani came out, that died last November. I did some research on cheap players and the Denon came up over and over! 24 bit Burr-Brown DAC (made in Tucson btw), 196K upsamp. I have...
  16. stuwee

    Happy Thanksgiving folks!

    Wishing a very wonderful, safe holiday to all my buds :love8: Good food, great friends and family, and of course...Monster tuange!!! :tongue: Go Cowboys!!!!!!!! :happy1:
  17. stuwee

    'The Voice' 2017 season

    Jesus is in the house, Dang! Jennifer Hudson throws her shoe at a contestant, if ya ever been to a church in the south, ya know that is the highest complement...Then she got up and did a duet of "I Will Always Love You" with the guy, tears streaming down my jaded cheeks watching that very cool...
  18. stuwee

    k. d. lang Ingune 25th anniversary Lp

    I'm about to pull the trigger on this gem. My CD copy has developed a nasty skip, so looking for a replacement I come across the remastered Lp!! Woof! 2 Lp's actually, the second disk has the unplugged in NYC set, too cool! $25.66 free shipping, I hope it's done right!! Some info; "Album...
  19. stuwee

    Look busy! The End is coming...9/23/17

    Although, some say the beginning of 'the end', either way look busy! Try to catch 'The Sign' on Audience channel, very informative, except for the planet X and 9 shit...pleeeease! I'm always busy and doing good and spreading love. I hope...
  20. stuwee

    Hurricane Irma

    Too late to escape now, get to a shelter stat!! John, aka Jaetee, please check in, PM sent! Now a bash on British PM May, shame on you Bitch!! Grrrrr! :evil5::evil5:!!! Barbuda and the Northern British Virgin Islands have been wiped out, 1,000's without a safe place to stay/sleep, now Jose (a...