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  1. lyle

    speaker build

    ]. I'm trying to figure out how to match drivers up with mids and tweeters. I have these boxes I'd like to put speakers in. I'd like to stick to a 15 inch woofer the Xbox s I believe are 5 .33 cubic feet any good advice is appreciated
  2. lyle


    i need help in locating a set or single 5 in rubber surround for tannoy 603 s ive looked every where any suggestions please
  3. lyle

    ar 2arx

    these are supposed to be a paired set yet one speaker is flush mounted the other is inset am i nuts are is there something wrong here ar 2ax emit the extra r
  4. lyle

    WTB PL Pre amp

    wanted phase linear 3300 series 11 preamp
  5. lyle

    tube vs solid state

    i am interested in opinions on tubes vs solid state what you prefer and the whys
  6. lyle

    tape player

    in search of a good cassette player no junk lol :confused2: so if yah got something to sell hit me up :happy7:
  7. lyle

    no music

    crap i bought a new truck and guess what they dont come with cd players anymore your stuck with all that ipod or download music on what you have ughh not for me :sad2:
  8. lyle

    kyocera r861