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    Phase Linear 4000 Restoration

    Should have been a pic with that post!
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    Phase Linear 4000 Restoration

    Maybe Mark is still around!
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    Phase Linear 4000 Restoration

    Here are a couple of pics of one that I bought new in the seventies.
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    Rack Handle solution

    Those look pretty nice to me. Where did you find them?
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    Happy B-Day Laatsch55

    Happy Birthday Lee, thanks for all your help!
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    Perry's 700 Series II Clair builds (4 amps)

    Definitely Flames, and Skulls, or both!
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    Help with flat screen tv

    It was built April 2014, model # 40pfl4909/f7. Made in Thailand by P&F USA Inc. I've looked around online and it looks like this board is used on Magnavox, Emerson, and maybe some others but they are sold out everywhere.
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    Help with flat screen tv

    I'll have to look when I get home. It's a 40" Philips but not sure about the rest.
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    Help with flat screen tv

    That was my first thought but they don't seem to be available. I think they were a multi-branded unit made by Funai. Probably not the highest quality.
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    Help with flat screen tv

    Hi guys, I have a power supply for a tv that has some bad components. All are available from Mouser except a surface mount diode that I can't find anywhere. It's a "rs1jjtd". There is also another number "ND1Z0RS1JJTD". I think one is a Philipps part number. Is there some kind of alternative or...
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    Just In Case's PL 400 to Wopl Conversion

    That really looks good!
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    Will's and Power of Attorney's

    Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend.It really is a lot to deal with at a bad time.
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    Just In Case's PL 400 to Wopl Conversion

    Ok thanks.
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    Happy Birthday Ron!!!!!! (Northwinds)

    Happy Birthday!
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    Just In Case's PL 400 to Wopl Conversion

    Lee , I was looking at the picture of the rectifier and have a question. The green wires I'm guessing go to the DCP but what are the shielded wires for?
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    PL 700B Faceplate

    Are those original handles or replacement?
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    New to me PL400

    If you look in the service manual for the C1 all the way at the end there is a procedure for changing the attenuation by changing a resistor. Take a look and see if that is correct.
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    Which Ones Would Make Good Projects..?

    Thanks for the heads up on the PL preamp. I picked up a Carver C1 recently so we'll see how it works out.
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    Parts Database

    I stole this from one of Joe's posts. Bias Adjust Pot- Mouser#- 531-pt15b-5k
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    Parts Database

    Knobs- Antique Electronic Supply Aluminum- P-K312 Black- P-K313