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  1. WOPL Sniffer

    Group buy interest 700 Series II face plates

    I was checking into having some custom Face Plates made, Same as the ones I have been using and they would be black powder coated, laser engraved. The price for each plate would be $130 plus shipping and the minimum buy in would be 2 Face plates. We can get 700B Faces from Joe but the Series...
  2. WOPL Sniffer

    White Oak Rev C Back Plane Board Observations

    I finally got a free minute to sit down and go through my notes and I'd like to share some observations I made while installing the new back planes (White Oak Audio Design rev C back plane boards) into Ronnie's beautiful 700B I finished a few days ago. The first thing I noticed was during the...
  3. WOPL Sniffer

    Ronnie Scores a Hat Trick (3rd 700B WOPL)

    Just received the 700B core amp for another Custom 700B WOPL for Juikster (Ronnie). This will bring his total to #3 . Here is a shot of the 2 I already built for him. The new one will pretty much be the same except I will be adding silver knobs to it, and sending him sets for the other 2 amps...
  4. WOPL Sniffer

    MJ21195/93 and MJ21194/96

    Joe, we have been using the Mj21195 and the Mj21196 for out WOPL builds. There has been some issues getting these at times and I was looking at the specs for the Mj21193 and the Mj21194's and it appears that they have the same specs. What does your experience tell you? The 93's and 94's have...
  5. WOPL Sniffer

    WOPL coming to market

    Hey guys, I do believe I just bought a core 700 Series II for WOPL'ing. Is anybody interested in a Fresh bad ass WOPL? it will travel to the new owner with a Lifetime Warranty. I had a couple inquiries for an amp but I give our members here at Phoenix first dibs. PM me if you are interested and...
  6. WOPL Sniffer

    Pioneer PL-570 Turntable Upgrade

    Doing a face lift on a customers PL-570 TT. It's not only getting a fresh Rosewood Veneer (the original is Vinyl wall paper shit), It'll get fresh electrolytics, and cleaned and lubed, a new set of RCA cables (with jacks installed on the back), an IEC connector for 110V coming in, and have the...
  7. WOPL Sniffer

    Can you swim???

    Anybody need a system that went through a hurricane??? Does this story hold water??? HUH??? I'd like to see what they did to "Recondition" this shit....... The gremlins will hit, and ot'll never work right. I'd like the Pro 700 though..... Always wanted one. Phase Linear system...
  8. WOPL Sniffer

    Dain Bramage???

    Mike Tyson says he burns through $40,000 of weed at his ranch every month Anybody wanna go horseback riding??? Maybe some goat roping???
  9. WOPL Sniffer

    Piggy Banks........ Who get's it?

    Does the average dude (or chick for that matter) get the fact that 40 year old output transistors are junk, and should not be trusted???????? Even if you run them on a transistor checker, it is NO Guarantee that they are going to handle the stresses of being inserted into a back plane of an...
  10. WOPL Sniffer

    PL20, PL20B, PL36 (7Each), and 700 II Display boards (3)

    Just checking for any in the parts I've pulled over the last year from 700B/Series II amps. I have : 1 PL20 Control Board $40 1 PL20B Control Board $40 7 PL36 Control Boards $40 each 3 display boards (all good) 2 rights and 1 Left board $25 each . With the addition or deletion of the 4...
  11. WOPL Sniffer

    Wanted: PL 4000 Pre amp (Series II), Service Manual

    Anybody got a digital copy of the Phase Linear 4000 Preamp (Series II, not the Junk Joystick version). I have one coming in for service. Thanks
  12. WOPL Sniffer

    Carver C1 going through rework

    I'm taking my C1 into the shop this morning for a rework. She'll get cleaned, power supply rebuilt (with my Power Supply Kit), some new Op amps, switches cleaned and lubed, the NEW RCA kit with custom mounting plate, and a recap. I have had it in my system for a while and since I had put the new...
  13. WOPL Sniffer

    Who-Da thunk?????

    Who-da thunk that my Kenner Close N Play turntable, (Which was the prototype for the Technics SL-1200), would end up being worth this much??? Friggin Piece O Plastic Fantastic. I think I will start WOPL'ing these mo-fo's and drive the price through the roof. Can you imagine a plastic...
  14. WOPL Sniffer

    Fluke 83 III weird JOE???

    I got a free Fluke 83 III from my buddy and it only works for resistance measurements, nothing else. I popped the cover to look at it and although I couldnt find a schematic, I spotted this and the parts placement calls it "E1" HUH??? It looks like a cap and when I stuck a meter across it...
  15. WOPL Sniffer

    Custom Face Plate for Clair Chassis with handles

    I had this custom face plate made and it will fit a Clair Chassis. Does your Clair need a face lift??? I had it sandblasted, powder coated, and laser etched, and it has new handles. Looks great. $125 with shipping. I know some of the Clair's had some beat up faces..... It's been on my...
  16. WOPL Sniffer

    WOPL 700B/Series II Volume Pots

    This Post may or may not do anybody any good BUT, if I remember where I put it (Can't remember shit), it definitely will do me A LOT of good. I posted this question and got some feedback from Joe with some part numbers since many of the volume pots are on their last legs (some have been beyond...
  17. WOPL Sniffer

    NEW BUILD, with a NICE Surprise WOAD delivers

    "Been Waitin for the mail all day" (sing to the ZZ Top tune Been waiting for the bus all day) and received a GREAT SURPRISE!!!!! Joe Delivers the goods once again. The White Oak Audio Control Board arrived (x2) and boy am I stoked. It's the New version which is the G1 Rev and it's got some...
  18. WOPL Sniffer

    LEE'S New addition to the family

    Lee, Pay no attention to the Neighborhood watch sticker............... Really, I didn't steal it (Just borrowed sir).............
  19. WOPL Sniffer

    Bargain Basement 700 Series II WOPL's last 2

    I'm building my last 2 700 Series II WOPL at the moment. Bargain basement price $1500 Shipped. Pm me If you want one. They will be covered under my Lifetime warranty as all my amps but these are THE LAST TWO I have nice custom black face plate and a VERY NICE original silver. Pretty...
  20. WOPL Sniffer

    Thinking about a Klipsch Belle clone build

    I downloaded a set of plans for the Klipsch Belle's and I have always loved them. So, I think I may take on this project later this summer. They MAY take the place of my CornScala's. I'll have to see if I can round up the drivers/tweets/woofs although I think I'll use those items from Bob...