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  1. 8991XJ

    Christmas Tunes...

    Once I got the rig fired up it was time to play some of my Christmas music. Wanted to hear Pacabel's Canon and the rest of that disc and a friend gave me three 'seasonal' recordings, one is TSO so I found those. Along with the classical I pulled out a couple Christmas tunes disc that will get...
  2. 8991XJ

    Some gear needs serious cleaning.

    I picked up a couple Crown amps last week from an original owner, smoking home. It is a lot of work to get them clean again. Here is the B4 and after of the two amps and a picture of the disassembly needed to get the smaller amp clean. Each piece of gear needs this cleaning which takes a good...
  3. 8991XJ

    Bose 1800 I rebuild thread with pictures over there.

    A lucky fellow in France stumbled onto this 1800 I and paid twice the asking price. Since it is a trashed unit, his description is better, he will be completely rebuilding it with pictures. Probably well worth a visit.
  4. 8991XJ

    25-CD Disc Changer for Holiday Season CDs

    I picked up a PD-F507 Pioneer cdp a few years ago and intended to use it for seasonal music. It holds 25 CDs and when I got my Christmas CD card from Phoenix Audio Community I had to get this machine out and tuned up. I don't know what it was doing wrong before but probably being a bit...
  5. 8991XJ

    I guess it is a preamp week

    I am finishing up a rebuild of an ARC SP-3A-1 for Tom and picked up a Crown SL-1S to use as a power supply for the Crown phono stages. Both were very dirty, one inside (ARC) and one outside, requiring quite a bit of cotton, swabs, IPA and all sorts of cleaners. Nicotine stains don't stand a...