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  1. AngrySailor

    Cheap active crossover

    Continuing from daily bread. Berhinger super-x pro crossover... Got three taps off the toroidal, all seem to be 73.x vac to ground. mv between each??? So far rectifier diodes check ok, main filter caps check ok, not familiar with how to check these voltage regulators, 7851a and 7951pi.
  2. AngrySailor

    400/1 “Linda” Full WOPL

    NEXT!!! This one getting the full deal, full comp, driver board, everything...
  3. AngrySailor

    700/1 “Tim” WOPL driver board

    Finally getting around to this. Think it’s going ok for my first circuit board... got all the diodes installed.
  4. AngrySailor

    Samsung TV to PL gear

    Anyone know about this? I have a UN58RU7100 Samsung that has no audio out other than optical and HDMI ARC. I can get a DAC easy enough but according to the interwebs the optical output only works when the source is 5.1 and the HDMI ARC seems to have issues playing Netflix (which I don’t use) and...
  5. AngrySailor

    One for Pops...

    Seeing as it’s Father’s Day and dads old Denon is getting a little tired figured he needed an upgrade... Found this Rega RP3 and pulled the trigger. Was a trade in at the shop that sold it new. Supposed to be mint mint mint condition and only a few hours use. Apparently the guy traded up to...
  6. AngrySailor

    help with memories

    Anyone have a copy of “gentle giant, the missing piece” forsale? Green cover with the piece in white? I think I wrecked my fathers copy when I was a kid... need to replace it for him. >pic related
  7. AngrySailor

    PL700 series 1 “Tim” repair

    Hmm... I guess “Tim” is acceptable as he’s destined for sub woofer duty, the “muscle”... Anyways, I’m tearing into this today, fails DBT with no rail fuses. Outputs don’t seem to show any shorts with my mm. I guess I’ll dig in the power supply end of things.
  8. AngrySailor

    PL-400/1 “Linda” repair

    Figured I’d put this in a new bread instead of the DCP/WO light board one. If you haven’t read the other thread, this amp is stock other than main caps and some repairs over the years. I installed a DCP board and a WO light board recently with no problems. I hooked it to a PL4000 pre amp...
  9. AngrySailor

    PL-400 DCP and WO light board

    Going to start picking at this project I guess... Recieved a box of goodies for her (Thanks Lee!) and she’s due for a little love. This amp is stock right now other than main caps being replaced when I bought it maybe 10 years ago. I used it last maybe 4 years ago and it’s been in the closet...
  10. AngrySailor

    Made a deal on PL700 and PL4000

    Just made a deal on these beauties! Meeting the seller tomorrow to pick them up. I needed a "pick me up" after the debacle with my RT-707, and found these while looking for a replacement 707.
  11. AngrySailor

    J.A. Michell Prisma restoration

    Figured I’d post this in the turntable section... If you’re new to this project, I am working on (I believe) an early Prisma. I bought it from my Uncle and it was working aside from needing a belt and stylus, (possibly the stobe needs work?) however for some reason he removed the lid and...
  12. AngrySailor

    New build for shop system

    Hey guys, I’ve been crazy busy with work, moving transport truck loads of tractors and shop stuff half way across Canada and... upgrading the shop stereo. There’s a bit of ulterior motive in this as I plan to religate the existing shop speakers to the house “man cave” and finally set up my...
  13. AngrySailor

    QSC MX3000a question

    Hey guys, Sorry it’s not Phase Lineral related but I have a question regarding these amps. I have two powering my low frequency cabinets, both are operating bridged @ 4 ohm for 3200w each. Sound is ok, but channel 2’s clip light comes on both amplifiers seemingly before max output? I have...
  14. AngrySailor

    P'zioneer RT-70S'zeven

    She been sitting a while boys... Got some stiff grease in the workin's. Just popped the covers to see if I can drop some cleaner and fresh lube on her. Seem to work otherwise. It worked fine last time I played it (prob almost 20 years ago):confused1:
  15. AngrySailor

    Latest dumpster find

    My "guy" pulled this little beauty out of the trash. Sansui QRX-3500. I'm gonna have to rig this up and dig out some Emerson Lake and Palmer, Tarkus in quadraphonic! Has anyone ever messed with one of these? I read some different specs on them. One saying 180w which doesn't seem right and...
  16. AngrySailor

    Rotel RA-1412 tone control troubleshooting

    Hey guys, I just had a look at this Rotel and thought I had any easy fix on my hands. The bass tone control had NO effect whatsoever. It is not a potentiometer, but a multi position rotary switch which selects resistors. The driveshaft between the control knob and switches was not in place. I...
  17. AngrySailor

    Stark designs SE-2 rebuild

    Hey guys, my pops has the bug again and we need to breathe some life to his old SE-2's! He bought these speakers along with a Sansui AU-7900 back in the 70's. They are trashed with only the cabinets and crossover left original. I would like to replace to 10" woofer and the tweeter As well. I...
  18. AngrySailor


    Ahoy b'ys I've rejoined you land lubbers for a while! So I've been listening to my system and said "eff it" it's not right. It's not bad, but it's not right. I'm running two bandpass cabinets at 100hz down and basically I'm beating a dead horse so it's time for a major change. I'm returning the...
  19. AngrySailor

    PL 400 VU meter

    I pulled my PL apart as one VU meter stopped working a while back. It reads open while the other reads 59 ohm. Tabarnak. Nudies coming. I pulled the meter completely apart and found that where the wire coil leaves the stationary body and transitions to the swinging coil, it's open there. It's...
  20. AngrySailor

    JA Michell Prisma restoration

    So I acquired this turntable a few years ago from a family member and never had the opportunity to do much with it till now. It's a Michell Prisma model which my uncle bought back in the '70's. Unfortunately, he removed the original cover and legs over the years. He said it suffered from...