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  1. J!m

    Rega motor control board…

    So, I have the last pieces to get my “R-3” table together and the motor is acting up. I though I had a bad trace because it was acting like a bad cap- hard starting and can run backwards. Did some testing today, and I have 45v on each “phase” (either side of the cap) and I think it should be...
  2. J!m

    Happy Birthday Buddy!

  3. J!m

    My new, old DAC

    So, about ten years ago I picked up an EBay DAC kit that was held in high regard over at diy audio. I’m finally getting around to casing it up. I have tested it and it does function. It uses an op amp output, so I picked up a few compatible replacements with better specifications to see if...
  4. J!m

    Damping Factor Calculator (From Benchmark Systems)

    An interesting article on "damping factor" on the Benchmark site, but here's an interactive calculator you can use to see your actual damping factor as well as the actual error from the deigned frequency response of your speakers. It really highlights how cables can have an audible affect as...
  5. J!m

    Serious preamp (line amp) question:

    Okay. I got an idea. Far from original but I’m thinking I want to do a nice preamp now. I have some ideas based on the MBL 6010D. Loosely based- as in it will also use op amps. And that’s about where it stops. You can get “clones” of the circuit but I don’t know how reliable it is. But some...
  6. J!m


    As some of you know, I have an SX-580 (for sale) and an SX-880 (currently in use). Both of which I cleaned up and got working properly (see other threads on that). I have an "opportunity" to get an SX-980 for less than $1000, with some issues, but they seem to be minor. The 980 has some...
  7. J!m

    Anyone here have a (working) tube tester?

    I'm thinking of grabbing a lot of Russian "6N1P" tubes- like 50 of them- to keep my Counterpoint amps fed. I was actually looking for a solid state replacement for the tube, but I'm not finding one for the 6DJ8/E88CC/6922 tube I have matched (when they were new) Sovtek tubes in there now. I...
  8. J!m

    More Stills….

    Very blues… with horns.
  9. J!m

    Steve, Joe and Ringo

    Happy Birthday Ringo! (7/7)
  10. J!m

    Update on my phono preamp:

    So, the designed has been working with a big OEM to bring it to market (maybe) Some changes were made, features reconfigured but overall, the same design from the same designer- built to a price point. Anyway… “ The "competition" includes a Pass X-25 and a Doshi V3.0 used with MC. They go...
  11. J!m

    Shure V15-V

    Should I grab it for $175 without a stylus? Seems like a good deal but figured I’d ask…
  12. J!m

    Feel a project coming on…

    I don’t have anything “good” to work on right now. I should be done with a DAC I started ten years ago, but that’s mainly mounting boards n stuff. I have a Nakamichi tape deck with the wonky meters. Maybe I’ll exhume that from the pile and sort it out…
  13. J!m

    Pocket Watch Movement

    #is the balance wheel- it needs jewels (2), but these are capped jewels, so the “count” rises to (4). #3 is the pallet fork and escape wheel. Those need jewels (4) #2 is the going train. These can all be jeweled (6); but as you move away from the escape wheel the speed reduces and load...
  14. J!m

    Big thank you to NakDoc!

    So, Tom d out a couple styluses for my Son’s Panasonic portable record player. They arrived today, and I installed one. It works great! Astonishing soundstage, clarity and tonial balance. Puts my Micro with Shure V15 III to shame! Not really, but it works and makes sound. The boy is pretty...
  15. J!m

    Audible effects of mechanical resonances in turntables (From VE)

    This is a great article/white paper and really helps one understand why, when an arm/cartridge is set up optimally, with an "optimal" resonance around 10hz, it might still not sound as good as it could... Grab a coffee and enjoy!
  16. J!m


    Not exactly. Looking for a record for my son to ruin on his gramophone, I re-discovered I have a few decent records! I’ve been focused on jazz for recent acquisitions but I’ve got a fair bit of classic rock.
  17. J!m

    Panasonic SG-336 Portable Record player help needed

    My in-laws dug this out for my son. It's actually working but need a stylus. I'm not sure yet if it is even replaceable, but whatever is there, does respond and produce a signal to the onboard amp and speaker. (Runs both 33 and 45 RPM) I suspect it will sound like complete garbage but it's fun...
  18. J!m

    Best Vinyl sellers on eBay

    This thread is initially and inquiry- who have you dealt with on eBay, that you would recommend as a solid source for Vinyl. By that I mean: fair pricing, accurate grading, good customer service and communication. It will evolve (devolve?) into a list of those whom we have actually dealt with...
  19. J!m

    Denon DL-103

    A moving coil cartridge- it seems to have a strong aftermarket (retipping, and over-priced fancy cover for the cartridge??). Those with more years spinning vinyl than me, what do you think? Decent cartridge? I ask because I'm looking at one in a Micro headshell, and the combination is less...