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  1. BubbaH

    DTP At The Danforth

    Great show last night at the Danforth Music Hall, Devin killed it. Loud as hell. Played their asses off, with a pretty heavy set. Had to drive home from Toronto after the show, as well as work early this morning, so there was no drinking involved(boo), but enjoyed the show and remember a lot...
  2. BubbaH

    Rockford Fosgate 200.4

    I was given a Fosgate 200.4, 4 channel car amp. When tested last summer I could get little sound, heavily distorted. With my Pioneer 4 channel amp continually malfunctioning, and eventually replaced with a 2 channel amp, I decided this might be something interesting to tackle as I have nothing...
  3. BubbaH

    RSD 2016

    Anybody have their eye on anything? As the years go on, this RSD stuff gets more and more boring IMO. While I still like the buzz it creates, at least for the local shop, it seems like more of a cash grab every year. With less interesting titles this year, the only album I might be interested...
  4. BubbaH

    NOS 8mm and VHS-C tapes.

    Got a small stash of these kicking around looking to move along. 6x8mm Tapes. Sony, and TDK brand. (SOLD) 3xVHS-C tapes. 1 Sony, 1 Maxell, 1 JVC. Not looking for much on these.
  5. BubbaH

    Pioneer 6 pack cartridges

    Any interest? I have several of the older Pioneer 6 pack cartridges I'm looking to get rid of. Some have the slip cases, some do not. These are no longer needed as the head unit that controlled my 6 pack in my truck no longer works. Make an offer. 9 Available.
  6. BubbaH

    Glenn Frey

    Another good one left us today. RIP.
  7. BubbaH

    Columbia House

    Columbia House is set to return as a vinyl service. More here at Ultimate Classic Rock. Should be interesting to see the offers/pricing when they do come back around.
  8. BubbaH

    Nakamichi 610 Pre Amp for sale.

    There is a Nak 610 control pre amp for sale locally. Apparently it doesnt work. For 40 dollars though. I may grab just in case someone wants it.
  9. BubbaH

    Some Pioneer kit for the truck

    Been in contact with a seller who had this gear for sale. We been speaking for some time. I wanted it for my truck but being that the truck was in winter storage I was in no rush to go get. It was about a 40 min drive to pick up the gear but it was nice and sunny, so a good day for a drive...
  10. BubbaH


    So i got Rob's, deck here. Pause switch is busted and wont kick into play mode. Gonna take it over to Bill to see if we can fix it, or bypass that switch so it will go back into play mode. Possibly have to use play/stop if thats the case, but better than not working at all. Here's a couple...
  11. BubbaH

    Welcome Whoreo

    Welcome to Phoenix, Im pretty sure I know who this cat is.
  12. BubbaH

    IC's interconnects and cabling.

    Didn't find a thread around here after a quick search discussing IC's. So I figured I'd start one. Picked up these AR cables yesterday at Bluestreak. Noticed last week he had these. Apparently he's been carrying them for a long time. Most of the wires on my rig at this point are Mono price...
  13. BubbaH

    Rock Show @ The Phoenix

    Last night Kristin and myself were down in Toronto to take in a rock n roll show. There was about 8 bands playing. One Bad Son was the headlining act, which was the reason she wanted to go. She bought ticks and paid the hotel room, I paid for fuel and bought dinner. We managed to squeeze in a...
  14. BubbaH


    Seems as though Lenco has some tables at fairly reasonable prices, and though the range aint huge, seems to make an attempt at different audiences.
  15. BubbaH

    Nice TT on CAM

    Ran across this little beauty on the Canuck Audio Mart.
  16. BubbaH

    O.B.S. @ The Historic Red Dog July 2014

    Within the last week we found out One Bad Son was going to be playing in town. While it was kind of last minute, we managed to make some time to take in the show. Tickets were only available at the door, and the doors opened at 9. We figured showing up closer to 10, would get us in there closer...
  17. BubbaH


    Im off to see Megadeth tonight. Heading down to my brothers early this morning and im sure as soon as nooner rolls around Rob and I will be tying into some beer. Will post my thoughts of the show when I return.
  18. BubbaH

    ACDC Retirement Rumours spreading on the web

    So over the last couple days there has been many reports online that ACDC would be going into retirement due to Malcolm Young's health. Nothing official has come from ACDC yet. Im hoping for good news as they were supposed to go into the studio in May. Apparently Malcolm had a stroke(according...
  19. BubbaH

    RSD 2014

    Anyone wanting anything on the release list for this years Record Store Day? Plans to hit local or distant shops? Ill be sticking around Peterborough this year. I asked Tim at Bluestreak to see if he could bring me in one of each of Wednesday 13's Calling All Corpses, and Dixie Dead limited...
  20. BubbaH

    More Speakers?

    Well there is a set of speakers for sale locally that I have always wanted to try out. The big question is what would I do with them, and where would I put them. I already have the Elites and 901's as well as a pair of 15" CV's that need a refurb. I want to pull the trigger on them but at the...