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    PL400 faceplate

    Score !
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    Very sad news

    Agreed, with all the crap still going down what else is there to do but take it one day at a time.
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    Friends of Phase Linear

    HA !!
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    Covid Relief Check and use

    Well, we all find ourselves in shitty situations time to time. Either amount and you are not in one. I am damn glad to live where we have a public sewer system...But then there are the taxes.
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    Covid Relief Check and use

    Amplifier and a line drive. Yep.
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    I've been MIA for a while, what about JBL Metregon?

    Bob, no offense please but I would not go to New York City for anything. Been there, done that back when CBGB's was still around and kicking . Now if they have BIG GREEN ASS Phase Linear Amplifiers...... I may have to make an exception...
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    I've been MIA for a while, what about JBL Metregon?

    HA ! Same here !
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    700/1 “Tim” WOPL driver board

    Got one too. did not think it could be worth crap but I was wrong. For the pesos, it was well worth it.
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    I've been MIA for a while, what about JBL Metregon?

    Wish they had a Hi Fi museum some where I have always wanted to hear on of those.
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    Fifty Years - That's Half A Century...

    Hell I was supposed to graduate in 83 . Guess I got an old listening ear because that is the kind of music I like..
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    Howdy from East Alabama !
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    Hi from Australia

    Awe Yeah ! Come On In The water Is Freezing !!!~
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    Very sad news

    Hang in there brother. If bad things happen in threes must be good things happen in threes too to equal out the universe.
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    Very sad news

    At least 30 years on drugs and alcohol here too Lee. I do not use whatsoever now, nothing. Some can, some cannot. I cannot. I go meetings all the time now. Not because I want to use but because by being there I may be helpful to another person that feels just as bad as I did when I walked thru...
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    Very sad news

    Agreed Lee.