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    3 WOPL's in the pipeline (+1)

    Do the 400 meters have the same movement and scale? I know the swing is reverse, ratted out 400’s are pretty abundant
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    Eddie Van Halen - RIP

    As if 2020 could get any worse we lost another legend today, whether your a Dave fan or a VanHagar fan the one constant was Eddie. Eddie can now play Eruption for eternity. RIP
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    Yellowstone Season 3 Premier Tonight!!

    Great show! Binged seasons one and two when my cable company added the Peacock app to my included service. I didn’t watch last nights episode yet, probably watch right before next weeks episode. I like all the characters but “LOVE” to watch just to see what the sister does!!!
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    No good, turned down my very generous offer of $50.00
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    Ok, I’m on it. Going to go and offer him $50 for it!
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    Ok thanks Perry
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    $40 and it’s local
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    Says it comes with an unmatched set of picture on the probes.
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    Been thinking I need to learn how to use a scope as I know nothing about them, how to use one or what I actually need. Found this locally does anyone have any input?
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    Best Bluetooth Wifi Speaker;

    Not sure if your looking for a particular size, I recently posted a cordless tool deal at HD. I don’t have one but maybe check out some online reviews the price seems decent for this with $99 batteries with free tool not affiliated with HD or Ryobi:
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    Best Bluetooth Wifi Speaker;

    My lady friend bought me one of these for my birthday a couple years back, it is lined with dynamat and actually sounds pretty good,
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    Available XPL909's and RCA410's

    Joe, I believe I have read this before that the RCA410 is only needed in the 2nd and 4th rows, do we know why PL used them originally in all 4 bottom row locations? Also to confirm when upgrading outputs in an original configuration amp can the 1st and 3rd row, bottom transistor location be...
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    face plate and handles

    Original Clair faceplates are patina’d nicely! Don’t hide that they were “ridden hard and put away wet” All my WOPL Sniffer “complete WOPL’s” sport original Clair faceplates proudly!
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    Gasoline prices Skyrocketing!

    That’s right, can go out today and get a tattoo, a mani-pedi and get a hair cut (J.K. the mani-pedi). Monday we can go out and grab a burger and a beer, I live 1/3 of a mile from historic Marietta Square and we have a new brewery there as well!