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    New guy here.

    ALk Universal
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    New guy here.

    Yes, it most definitely is a motorcycle. Welcome to the forum!
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    I'm Buying a "Mule" PL400

    The last time I was in my storage unit, about a week ago!
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    700B/Series II Bias transistors on the back wall

    Good thing you didn’t bend over forward for him, who knows what would have happened then...
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    Phase Linear 400

    A few on the bay...
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    Pioneer PL-570 Turntable Upgrade

    Here is one on the CL near Detroit priced to sell, would rather have the WOPL Sniffer upgraded TT should be a great unit once it’s done:
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    Can you swim???

    I have a Sound Shaper Ten in my bone yard of components the boss man picked at at an estate sale for me, never plugged it in if anyone is interested:
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    PL20, PL20B, PL36 (7Each), and 700 II Display boards (3)

    Perry’s grab bags are the BOMB if you’ve never tried one I would highly recommend getting one!!!
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    New PL400 Caps

    Got it, thanks.....I expanded the first picture and answered my own question!
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    New PL400 Caps

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    PL 700 II Clair Bros Rising from the Ashes

    It’s all good Lee, remember that 700 series II amp has a Perry lifetime guarantee!!! I hope you mailed in that warranty card to the home office in Arizona ...
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    Al K's Extreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeme Slope Crossovers!!!

    Great test songs Lee especially Moby! I have always liked The Police for separation “wrapped around your finger” and for testing LF NIN “Down in it”, and of course “Ramble On” especially the intro.
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    Rack handles

    Yup, I got a few pair myself from Perry, as I said earlier In the thread best match and best quality if your looking for original 700b style, but well worth the money!
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    Rack handles

    Amerock Dulcet 96mm for PL400 series I/PL700b BP27020-G10 silver satin BP27020-AA anodized aluminum BP27020-26 polished aluminum 128mm for PL400 series II/PL700 series II BP27021-G10 silver satin BP27021-AA anodized aluminum BP27021-26 polished aluminum Should find them for $5-$9 each...
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    Rack handles

    Couple more pics, part numbers to follow....